5 Life-Transforming Habits You Need To Practice ASAP…

5 Life-Transforming Habits You Need To Practice ASAP

Many people associate the term “habit” with things like addiction and negative behavior patterns. Habits are simply routines that are practiced regularly. They can be detrimental or beneficial. Below, I have 5 healthy habits that you will wish you started sooner!

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1) Wake up with gratitude

I had an old friend who would ask me every morning, “How are you feeling today?” I would often respond with something along the lines of, “I feel marvelous. Today is so fresh and sunny!” He would then ask, “What’s your secret? How do you wake up so happy?”. Well, there’s really no secret, just the result of a habit I choose to practice daily.

When I wake up, sometimes even before I’m fully conscious, I start to name a ton of things I am thankful for. Big, small, important and not so important, I name it all! Doing this puts me in the vibration of happiness and abundance. It sets my mood for the rest of the day. You can try this at any time of the day, but it works best on your subconscious mind in the morning, upon waking up.

2) Practice the “3 on 1 rule”

The 3 on 1 rule is when you gang up on a negative thought with 3 positive thoughts. For example, if you think to yourself, “I could never lose 40 pounds”, you should immediately trample over that thought with 3 encouraging thoughts such as, “Many people have lost weight and so can I. With consistency, I can lose weight effortlessly. I love improving myself.”

When done persistently, this habit can help you reprogram your mind. You will quickly notice a decrease in negative thoughts and you will start to feel more confident in yourself.

3) Show appreciation to the people on your side

For some reason, people tend to magnify the negatives in life. People talk about their problems so much, you would assume they had not one good thing going for themselves. When I was a big social media user, I noticed many people had one thing in common, they constantly posted about their “haters”. I found it quite strange, but it led me to look inward. How often do I spend time thinking about people who don’t have my best interest at heart? So I chose to start a new habit.

Once or twice a month, I show my love and appreciation to everybody in my life who has contributed to my happiness and well-being. Even if you gave me $20 for gas 3 years ago, I’m letting you know how deeply I appreciated it!

I live a bit far from most of my family and friends so I usually send them thank you cards, heartfelt text messages, edible arrangements, any little gesture to get my point across. This habit has a beautiful domino effect. I encourage you to start today!

4) Reminder: Lighten up!

This habit is a game changer! If you are anything like me, you sometimes take life way too seriously. Whenever I feel uptight or stressed, I smile and tell myself to lighten up. Be playful about it. After doing this, I end up laughing at myself because the problem usually isn’t that serious. Smiling naturally helps soften your heart and reduce negative feelings. Pair that smile with a short command phrase like “lighten up”, as I said above, or “be happy”, and you have a recipe for stress relief!

5) Stand firm in your truth

It may be difficult to admit, but many of us are afraid to be our authentic selves. I’ve witnessed people say “I don’t care what anyone thinks of me!” and then hide when out in public because they aren’t wearing makeup (this I have also been guilty of). I’m not saying that wearing make-up is a bad thing, my point is that when you feel equally as confident with a bare face, you are winning!

Be yourself, unapologetically. This means speaking up for yourself and not backing down, making up your own mind and not allowing people to talk you out of it, embracing your individuality, etc. This habit will enhance your life, dramatically. Stand strong in your truth! Remember, you must be consistent when implementing these new habits. Like anything else, practice makes perfect. Although these habits work quickly, I still encourage you to be patient. I send you peace and love! Thanks for reading!


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