3 Transformative Life Slogans That Bring True Happiness…

3 Transformative Life Slogans That Bring True Happiness

Would you like a nutshell version of my work? More and more I resonate with what systems scientist Peter Senge said, “People are our best resource.” This really hit home for me when I was presenting at a conference on sustainability. I realized that my primary calling is to cultivate sustainable people. People are my business. After three decades of honing my work as a trainer and coach in personal and professional development, I have found it helpful to come up with three succinct slogans. Of course, to actually manifest them can take years of deep personal work. So here’s a start. We could think of them as chapter headings.

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Be the Best of Who You Are

“Be who you are” is a slogan that has long been bandied about. Oscar Wilde amusingly commented, “Be who you are; everyone else is taken.” However, my adaption is, “Be the best of who you are”, which ups the ante considerably. It points to a path of working with ourselves. It is not striving to change our own self, but actually has more to do with relaxing, unconditionally accepting, and fully embracing who we are. When we relax, we come into our essence, our personal authenticity.

Put People First

Our world abounds with miscommunication and tension in our dealings with others. It paralyzes both our work and personal relationships. Coming to any resolution seems insurmountable. In a situation of tension with another, I have made it a priority to work on the relationship. Making a relationship a priority, over everything else, produces ease in communication because it creates trust and openness.

Do what is Needed

We are needed in this world to respond with benevolence rather than react with our fixated ideas. Habitually, we react to situations. We come from our small mind, defending the “I,” our ego. It is a survival mentality. When we respond to situations we see things as they are and offer what is needed. We take a big mind. We can react with a small mind or respond with a big mind. One makes us a victim, the other a warrior. We can take 400% responsibility for everything we think, feel, say, and do. We can put our fully empowered self to work.

Our journey of self-discovery with these slogans could be both exciting and uncomfortable, but it will always makes us feel more alive! We could discover where we struggle as well as our unique style of intelligence and potential. We could join the best of who we are with work that brings us alive. It is key to a life worth living.


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