3 Ways To Let Go Of Insecurity And Step Into Your Purpose…

3 Ways To Let Go Of Insecurity And Step Into Your Purpose


We can all relate to having that “critical inner voice”. It’s that voice that subtly echoes our inner fears and if left untamed can amplify our insecurities causing us to walk in the shadow of our true purpose or even outright denying our true calling.

I remember when I didn’t feel confident walking down the street because I thought everyone was judging me because my eyes were different. I finally accepted that Divine Intelligence, the all-knowing, has created everything perfectly; and as the founder of Purdue, Frank Purdue who had been insecure about his nose said: “I could get a nose job and make myself look ordinary but no one would remember me.”

I accepted that it was the difference in my features that were part of making me different from anyone else and why on earth should I wish to change that? It was part of my own brand of magic.

I decided that I would never be a prisoner of what people might say or what could happen because I realized that almost 99% of our fears and the criticism from that inner voice is smoke and mirrors. This has really helped me step out from the background and into the spotlight embracing my purpose and role in helping other women create their signature brand and life styled for freedom.

Turning down the volume on our critical inner voice isn’t always an easy process but it is simple and can happen if you are willing and dedicated, here are five ways to let go of that inner nightmare, loosen the chains of insecurity and step into your true purpose.

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1) Identify the Source of Your Insecurity

Usually, our insecurities stem from things that happened in our childhood. I knew this woman who was afraid to step into the spotlight of any situation because growing up she was the tallest girl in the classroom. Though she has grown up to be a beautiful woman who seems confident, she developed an introvert personality as an unconscious way to be invisible.

Think about one area of your life where you feel like others are constantly judging you, where you feel insecure. Write it down. Now think about where in your childhood an event occurred or the same emotions showed up for the first time? How has that moment been playing into your life now even at a subtle unconscious level? What can you do to start turning down the volume on that inner critic related to this insecurity so that you can start taking more bold action and live your true purpose?

2) Embrace That You Are Worthy

Often you may feel insecure in certain situations because you do not feel truly worthy of that particular thing, person or circumstance. Maybe you’re always thinking that these things can happen for other people just not you. You may know that this is what you want, but on a deeper level are you questioning whether you are worthy of it. Maybe memories of past experiences and events where you messed up keep flashing through your mind and paralyzing you from taking action and stepping into your true purpose.

Maybe you are still holding on to the guilt and shame of your past and can’t seem to break past it. You feel like everyone is watching and judging because they knew you then. Today and right now, I encourage you to embrace that you are not your past and that you have the power to rewrite your story the way that you desire.

Every time your mind tries to take you down Elm Street, affirm that this may have been true then but this is my new truth (fill in the blanks).  Here is an affirmation from my book I AM THE GATEKEEPER that could help “I am Worthy, I am Worthy. I am created perfectly. I embrace my weaknesses as well as my strengths and I use them both to my advantage. I give thanks to the Divine for creating me, because I am a Masterpiece.”

3) Let Your Purpose Drive You

We all have a unique gift to offer the world. We are all special in our own unique way and when you get visible and build your brand this is what will help you stand out and be iconic. Therefore, despite your insecurities, let your purpose be greater. Let your contribution to the world and advancement of mankind drive you more than your fears.

There is something magical that happens when you take action despite your fears. A whole new world opens up. I know I was truly fearful when I was deciding to quit my corporate job but the moment I did all the fear left and my life has never been the same. Challenge yourself to act even in the face of fear, you’ll surprise yourself with what you find behind your fears. So much power and beauty awaits.


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Hanna Fitz

Hanna Fitz is an international brand strategist, business coach and founder of Hannafitz.com, The Brand Atelier, helping ambitious women build their signature brand and life styled for freedom. She has over 10 years experience in product and brand development and has worked with award-winning luxury and niche brands in Europe, the Caribbean and North America.

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