27 Lessons I’ve Learned As A 27-Year-Old…

27 Lessons I’ve Learned As A 27-Year-Old

Today is my 28th birthday! I’ve had a marvelous year full of learning, unlearning, plenty of lessons and incredible blessings. I consider my birthday as my own personal New Year. I treat this day the same way most of us treat January 1st. I am so excited to share this list of things I’ve learned during my 27th year of life. Remember, everyone has their own life journey. This is a glimpse of mine. Enjoy!

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1. There are layers to everything

When we think we have it all figured out, there always seems to be another layer ready to reveal itself. This is one of my favorite things to experience.

2. Complete it or repeat it

This used to drive me crazy! Certain situations will happen over and over again until you get to the bottom of the issue. Once you become aware of the pattern, do some deep reflecting. When you figure out the root cause, you will feel freedom like never before.

3. What I believe shows up in my life

Being a believer in the law of attraction, I was always aware of this. But Like I said in number 1, there are layers. I understand this concept on a deeper level now.

4. I have more power and control over my life than I thought

When I believed that things were out of my control, they were. The moment I discovered my power, I immediately realized that I have been in control of my life.

5. Habit is powerful

Much of my suffering came from being unaware of the habits I had created in my life. The way we eat, speak to ourselves, speak to others, our emotional responses, everything is a habit. I learned how to break negative habits by replacing them with positive ones.

6. Coping can be mistaking for letting go

I’ve mixed these two up for years. Coping with something does not mean you have forgiven, healed, and let go. It means you’ve found a way to suppress and ignore the problem.

7. Everything doesn’t need my attention

I don’t have to respond to whatever makes noise. Not physically, mentally or emotionally.

8. Break downs lead to breakthroughs

Whenever I face a traumatic situation and I feel like throwing in the towel, I end up receiving clarity about what is happening. The clarity is so vivid and breathtaking, it comes with messages that I can carry with me for life.

9. Repetition really works

This is similar to habits. I remember when I first learned about affirmations. I was very impatient, I wanted them to work immediately. Years later, affirmations are a natural part of my life. I no longer have to remind myself to think positively.

10. How to forgive

When I let go of a grudge, I assume I’m also forgiving the person. Forgiving is such a deep process and I’m grateful I learned how.

11. Every pain is for my evolution

I learned this the same day I learned how to forgive. Every tough time I have been through helped me grow. I love the person I am. I am thankful for trials and tribulations.

12. Being honest with myself

I’ve always been honest with myself (I have a fear of developing a mental illness if I lie to myself), but I’ve grown to really love and appreciate this trait. I have deeply healed myself, simply by being honest.

13. Healing is not meant to be a forever process

So many people sit comfortably in the healing stage. This stage is not meant to last a lifetime. I’ve learned that I don’t want to be a victim forever. This sped up my healing process substantially.

14. Suffering isn’t permanent

It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve failed, how many times I’ve slipped back into depression, or how many times my heart has been broken, the pain is temporary. If you sit around wondering when the next unfortunate event will happen then yes, suffering will feel consistent.

15. Anything is possible

I’ve experienced things that seemed so far-fetched at one point in my life. I recommend that everyone use “anything is possible” as a mantra or affirmation!

16. Life is meant to be fun

This was difficult for me to understand at first. I was so accustomed to being in survival mode that fun seemed like something I could only witness on movies.

17. I create my reality

We hear this all the time, right? The more I practice, the easier it is. What an empowering truth!

18. Nothing is really negative

Doing inner work will help you see the deeper meaning to pretty much everything, even the things we usually consider as “negative”. Unpleasant experiences are for our growth, so technically, they’re more helpful than negative.

19. Life is like a lucid dream

I heard this statement from a YouTuber who teaches spirituality. He was not insinuating that we are asleep, but he was comparing the flexibility of a lucid dream to how flexible life can be if we believe it.

20. There are genuinely helpful people in the world

I’ve had many experiences with people who did things for me, but secretly had hidden intentions. As of recently, I’ve been meeting authentic people who truly love to help from the kindness of their hearts. This is so refreshing to me.

21. Trusting my intuition

My intuition never steers me wrong!

22. Sometimes you have to ignore yourself

Or just observe what’s happening without judging, and then dismiss it. I’ve learned to do this with annoying random thoughts.

23. I can change my mood practically instantly

When I feel a bad mood coming on,  I say out loud “I choose to be happy right now.” Don’t think of reasons why you should be upset. Just choose the feeling and feel it.  With practice, it works like a charm.

24. Departing with love

I used to leave situations that didn’t work out with anger and bitterness. For example, breaking up with an ex or ending a friendship would lead to a lot of unnecessary pettiness. Now I try to leave with peace. I don’t play the blame game and I don’t hold any grudges.

25. Self-care

My self-love journey has been amazing. I’ve learned so many different ways to love and care for myself, from validating my own emotions, to changing my diet to plant-based.

26. My favorite manifesting technique

There are plenty of them, but what works best for me is visualizing. I love sharing how helpful this technique is.  It’s easy and promising. Visualizing makes me feel like a magician!

27. I’m a goddess

That’s right! This is the most exciting thing I’ve learned. I have tapped into my inner goddess and she is awesome! I live my life gracefully and magically, just like a goddess. There’s no going back from here.

This has been such an eventful year! The transformation that I have experienced was incredible. I am beyond excited to see what year 28 has in store for me. Thanks for reading!

Peace,  love,  and light.


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