The 11 Laws Of Wisdom That Govern Our World…

The 11 Laws Of Wisdom That Govern Our World

1) When we start understanding our mind… we will find a solution to every single challenge.

2) Our inner world holds Wisdom, Infinite Power, Infinite Knowledge…and most of all, Infinite Love. This is talked about in all the ancient spiritual texts. Yet most people never understand themselves with respect to these 4 powers.

3) Our inner world is under our control and this means that we have control of all things if we are willing to look within and use our will-power.

4) The world outside is a reflection of our inner world. Look at what we have going on right now… people have no control over their mind what-so-ever… and thus we have what we have.

5) Everything in the outer world is waiting for us to develop and express from a place of Infinite Love. But, have we reached that point of true inner understanding to make those changes? Just look at our world right now… is it full of great wisdom?

6) The harmony of the inner world brings about harmony in the outer world. If the mind is fragmented then it’s impossible to have harmony. If our mind is at peace then we can have harmony all around.

7) Harmony means that we are able to understand our thinking and control our thoughts. Thus, we are able to decide how any situation and experience… no matter how large or small will affect us.

8) Optimism and affluence are created as a positive effect caused by harmony within our mind. The affluence of heart and mind creates affluence in the world around us.

9) The world around us is a reflection of the circumstances and conditions that we hold in mind. If we are constantly unsure, fighting with ourselves, and full of fear… that’s exactly what we will see in the world around us.

10) When we work with our mind to create wisdom, we then open up powers of mind and heart that allow us to discern the intricate workings of the world. And thus we have the power to manifest good in the world.

11) The more we understand our power of love and wisdom within… the more the world will change in a positive way. And we will harmonize with God, the Planet, and the Universe.

Are You Ready to Understand Your Mind?

So far only 1 in 100 will say yes… but everyone can!

Many Blessings to Everyone


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