9 Unknown Laws Of Mindfulness That Will Change Your Life…

9 Unknown Laws Of Mindfulness That Will Change Your Life

Since modern science has confirmed many claims of mindfulness, the practice has enjoyed a huge spike in popularity.

But this powerful and simple practice has been around for centuries due to the teachings of Buddha. The basis of this ancient technique is being aware of the present moment without judgment. And while the practice has tons of benefits, you need to really keep it up in order to reap the rewards.

Here’s how.

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Negative Thoughts are only Powerful when You Believe Them

In the east, it’s believed that thoughts are universally, and not individually, rooted. This means that in many cases, we don’t have the control over our thoughts the way we think we do. This is why you can take a step back and observe the thoughts. Suffering from negative thoughts only occurs when we attach ourselves to them.

You Must Walk Your Own Path

The harsh reality of life is that we must save ourselves from our inner conflicts. Once we do that, the outer life begins to bounce off us like water in green leaves.

The ONLY Reality is this Moment

The interesting thing about the human brain is its capacity to dwell in the past and the future over and over again. Ironically, these don’t exist! The only thing that truly exists is the present moment. Everything else is a figment of your imagination.

An Easy Life is not a Victorious Life

Unfortunately, struggle is woven into the fabric of the universe. But eventually, you come to realize that it molds you into a stronger person. While every step may be tough, as long as you know you’re on the right path, it leads you to where you want to go. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it! In fact, that’s all the more reason to keep on.

Inner Peace is Belongs to Yourself and No One Else

Most people are concerned with how other people think of them. But the truth is you don’t look to others to find yourself. Instead, you look within.

You Create in Your Mind First, in the World Second

Our brains literally bridge the gap between us and the universe. Everything starts there. That’s why it’s so important to not act unless you’re completely convinced you know what you’re doing.

If You Believe It, Live It

Sure you can stand on a mountain and preach some amazing wisdom, but are you really living it? Until you do it’s just intellectual mumbo jumbo. This is where ‘being authentic’ comes into play.

Let Go of Control

Control gives a certain illusion of security, and we like to feel as if we’re protected. But the irony is there’s no such thing as control in the ultimate sense. We have no real control over how things will turn out. The sooner we grasp this the happier we’ll be.

If You Want the Benefits, You Must Embrace the Costs

What in your life is worth suffering for? This will help you figure out what roads to travel down. Always remember everything in life is about giving and taking. Symbiotic relationships are what it’s all about!


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