How I Used The Law Of Attraction To Find Real Happiness…

How I Used The Law Of Attraction To Find Real Happiness

Many of us are addicted to thinking about the things we don’t want to happen.

“Ugh, I hope I don’t get stuck in traffic.”

“I hope I don’t make a fool of myself in this presentation.”

“I really hope I don’t get sick.”

We make these seemingly harmless comments constantly throughout the day. For many of us, it’s our default. We aren’t even aware because it’s so ingrained in us. Not to mention, most everyone around us is speaking in this same way. While I think it’s important to think about possible outcomes to be prepared, we’re obsessed with thinking about the worst-case scenario. I believe we do this because it gives us a certain illusion of control. If I know I’ve thought through every possible situation, I’ll be safe, right?

We’re so busy thinking about what we don’t want, we barely have time to think about what we do want. But if you’re trying to bring more good into your life — land that new job, find the love of your life, buy a house — thinking about what you don’t want isn’t doing you any favors.

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This is why you need to spend more time thinking about what you want

I try to live my life in accordance with the Law of Attraction, which is the idea that all thoughts turn into things eventually. As often as I consciously can, I try to think good thoughts which makes me feel good, which simply brings more good to me. I live by this because I’ve seen it work in my life countless times with cool opportunities, crazy synchronicities, and generally good luck.

“Fixate upon the things you like best; the Universe will deliver more like that to you. If you focus on what needs to be changed, the Universe will deliver more of that to you.” -Abraham Hicks

If we’re spending all of our energy thinking about the things we don’t want, we’re putting ourselves in a low vibration state. In other words, to other people, we don’t feel positive or uplifting to be around. We aren’t magnetic or attractive or vibrant which is what we want to be if we’re trying to bring good things into our lives. Instead, we’re balls of worry, spreading low levels of anxiety to everyone around us. When we focus on the lack, we create more of it. As I stated above with the Law of Attraction, if our thoughts turn into things, then what we think about on a day-to-day basis is very important. Have you ever noticed how people who constantly worry about bad things happening to them often do have bad things happen? How about those people who always say “I have the worst luck”, and then they actually do?

Whether or not you’re into “woo”, I think we can all agree that the way we think and talk has an impact on the way we feel, which affects the people around us. And if we’re caught up in a negative state of mind, making people around us feel more negative, it’s no wonder that we’re bringing more unfortunate situations to ourselves. We’re talking about it and expecting it, of course, the Universe is going to deliver it.

Change the way you think and speak to become more attractive

I know we aren’t intentionally trying to focus on what’s lacking. Like I said earlier, it’s just the way we’ve been wired. Of course, you want good things to happen in your life. Of course, you want to nail that presentation, zip home without traffic, and stay healthy. Let’s try a new practice. Let’s focus on what’s thriving and going well already. Let’s focus on what we want to happen. Instead of, “Ugh, I hope I don’t get stuck in traffic.” Try, “I’m grateful to drive in traffic because it means I’m on my way home to see my family (or my cat or dog).”

Instead of, “I hope I don’t make a fool of myself in this presentation.” Try, “I’m going to nail this presentation!”

Instead of, “I hope I don’t get sick.” Try, “My body is strong and supports me.”

Do you see what I’m saying here? We’re rewriting the thoughts with a more positive twist. We’re focusing on what we do want to happen, or in the case of traffic, looking at it from a better angle.

It’s good to feel good

When we go through lives with our shoulders hunched up to our ears, worrying and stressing over everything we don’t want to happen, we’re going to keep repeating that negative cycle over and over again. I’d rather roll my shoulders back, hold my head up high, and walk around life with confidence because I know good things are coming my way. I live it, believe it, and I feel it. It just takes practice.


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