Keep Calm And Pandemic On: How To Emerge Empowered…

Keep Calm And Pandemic On: How To Emerge Empowered

How do we cope through the chaos of this pandemic and daily chaos that barrels towards us? Is there a “keep calm and pandemic on” boot camp?

To get help on these questions, consider trying the following: the metaphysical or universal law called the “Law of Attraction,” which basically states, “that which you focus on will become a reality in your life,” or “you become that which you focus on.” So, what you visualize, imagine and think about is created in your life.

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The law of attraction

This Law has been referred to in many writings, throughout the history of man, and across the globe. It has come more sharply into focus in the last 90 years due to some planetary shifts. It is based on the belief that the universe is colluding to give you everything that you put energy, actions, thought, or emotion into every minute of every day.

The Law regards what you focus on as important and creative. This can include that which we resist, what we want, and perhaps what we don’t want. This also includes unconscious desires, resistances, and focuses. Given this information, it becomes crucial to know yourself well. Also, it could be phrased that it is better to run to your joy than to run from something else. Because what will manifest in our lives is derived from where we put our attention, energy, actions, and emotions, whether conscious or unconscious. The universe is constantly giving us what we spend our energy on.

All laws are tools, so how can we harness this powerful tool? Here are the 6 steps:

  1. Know yourself well
  2. Know what you want
  3. Dump shame, have gratitude
  4. List what you want, both professionally and personally
  5. Picture this new reality as already accomplished
  6. Be joyful about this now

Know yourself well

Objectively know your strengths and weaknesses, your qualities and faults, your conscious and unconscious inclinations, your biases about yourself and life. Sometimes this part is a struggle, and if that is the case, try observing yourself for several days or in key moments with a third-party view, as one who stands outside of yourself. You can also speak with a therapist or good friends who know you well. Ask for their honest feedback.

Know what you want

Know what you want: If you have a business, have a business plan. Know what your business needs on goals are and start formulating a step by step plan to achieve them. Don’t worry about timelines right now, just focus on the steps. The timelines will naturally speed up as you work this process. For your personal wants, first, write a quick list of your basic survival and safety needs and be sure those basics are met. Treat anything beyond these basics as a “wants” not “needs.” If you call it a need, that is your subconscious hanging junk on a want. So instead, just focus on your wants.

Dump shame, have gratitude

We are all human, and most of us feel a range of emotions, shame being among them. Shame is a wonderful tool to reinforce a quality moral compass while we are young and learning. Shame is inappropriate when it interferes with true loving joy or typical day to day living. Let it go. One of the best ways to move through limiting perspectives and emotions is to adopt an attitude of gratitude about everything, even the stressful items. There is an upside about everything in life, and if you can find it and give thanks, you can let go of the less healthy and limiting feelings and viewpoints. If you can’t let it go, if you can’t cultivate gratitude, talk to a therapist, or do other therapies that release unnecessary misperceptions about yourself.

Freeing yourself from shameful perceptions and opening your heart with gratitude will help you to more clearly know what you want, and how to be more you.

List what you want, both professionally and personally

The actual act of writing what you want is an ancient technique called scripting. It helps to create that private universe that you will rejoice in. This has been utilized for thousands of years around the globe. Be sure to include anything that may help with your deficits or capitalize on your strengths. Include any and all that excites you and completes your world. You can script daily, even writing the same things each day. If you have a business, this is also an excellent time to focus on a business plan that includes detailed step by step plans to achieve your business goals.

For your personal life, you should be specific about what you want, and you can skip the step-by-step plan if you want to. This is because there is more room for lateral movement in our personal lives, and we choose not to limit how those wishes are fulfilled in our lives.

Picture this new reality as already accomplished

Picture this new reality as already accomplished: Imagine that you already have these situations, opportunities, things, and experiences that you are attempting to create. Visualize it. Be it. You will find that your conscious and unconscious being work together to act on this and build these scenarios that you hope for. If you are not a visual person, experience it through your other senses. What will it taste like, feel, smell, sound like? What emotions does this bring? Imagine that you are already there, having fully accomplished all.

Be Joyful about this NOW

Feel the joy in these moments of visualization or sensations. Feel full happiness about your accomplishments. The secret here is the joy, it is the primary cause of manifestation. Humans primary motivation is emotion. Always remember that. People and situations hold significance for all of us because of how we feel about them. Let’s feel some joy and change each of our worlds and our world as a whole.

What’s missing?

Did you notice that there is no self-esteem step? This is because this entire process will build self-esteem as you go, and very rapidly. You will be able to accept yourself, your celebrations, and your fears without judgment as you create your perfect life. You will be the butterfly that emerges strong and perfect through this chrysalis time. You can do this. You can do anything. If you don’t believe, try this, and see for yourself!


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