Judging Is Holding You Back From True Health…

Judging Is Holding You Back From True Health

We tend to think that health is all about what we consume in our bodies. In our society, we are less concerned about the cumulative effect our mental/emotional and spiritual health has on our physical health.

Do you realize how harmful judging is to your health? Not just judging yourself, but judging others – friends, family, government, jobs, etc. Judging restricts the natural flow of energy because you hold yourself in a vibration of less than who you or the other person truly is. Health is about allowing the energy to flow. Health is about loving yourself unconditionally. Health is about forgiving yourself. Health is about more than how you look on the external. Listen in to my spiritual guides – IAM – as they talk about how judging is holding you back from true health.


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Shawngela Pierce


Shawngela Pierce is a spiritual healer, podcaster, and author from Sedona with over 13-years of yoga, and meditation practice. Shawngela…

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