How To Use Journaling To Manifest Your Dream Life And Business…

How To Use Journaling To Manifest Your Dream Life And Business

Journaling will help you make your dreams come true.

Yes, really.

If you’re anything like I was you might be in disbelief at this statement. In fact, you might be associating journaling with something that an angsty teenager might do rather than someone looking to create a business or reach other goals. Even though you may USUALLY associate journaling with angsty teenage writing or self-help techniques, journaling is actually an incredible self-development tool that will help you create your dream life and the business.

It does this by helping to focus on the most important factor when it comes to success- your mindset.

Start a regular journaling practice and you’ll get clear on your big vision, overcome those deep-rooted fears and limiting beliefs, enjoy better productivity and flow, stay authentic, manifest more money and launch your dream business. It’s powerful stuff! In fact, I can personally vouch for its effectiveness as journaling helped me immensely when I was looking to leave my 9-5 and create my business but I had zero confidence and a negative mindset. It was one of the main tools I used to shift my mindset and I use it extensively with my clients and make it my mission to let everyone else know about it. So with that said, here’s a few ways journaling can help you too.

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Journaling will give you better clarity

Journaling will help you get crystal-clear on what exactly it is you want and what exactly this would look like in your own life. Spelling out your dreams, ambitions and goals in this way will actually help make them happen, though something called [‘The Law of Attraction’.] Simply put, the law of attraction says that you will attract into your life whatever you focus your thoughts on. Make your thoughts positive and focused on your dreams and business goal and magic will start happening! Journaling is a great way to enhance the effectiveness of the Law of Attraction by committing your thoughts and desires to paper and further cementing the process.

It will help you overcome your limiting beliefs

A regular journaling practice will also liberate you from any limiting beliefs and achieve the right mindset to that you can become as financially stable, successful and happy as your heart desires. Without this mindset, it’s going to be much harder to make any progress, because these limiting beliefs and fears are what hold us back from achieving our full potential. They’re what get us stuck in research mode without ever taking steps forward towards our dreams. They’re what prevent us from picking up the phone and connecting with that promising business contact that you met at the networking event last weekend, or starting that business you’ve dreamt about for years or from retraining into a new career because “it’s too late” or you’re “too old”. These limiting beliefs serve to keep us stuck.

Worst of all, they’re why you often believe you just don’t have the potential to make your business dreams a reality.

But know that you can do this! Pick up your pen, explore these beliefs and how they are holding you back right now – don’t let anything stand between you and success. It is extremely powerful. When I did this exercise for myself it showed me many areas where I was stuck and all the limiting beliefs I had. For example one of my incorrect beliefs was that it was “too late” for me to start my business as I had already been in the corporate world for a long time. When I journaled through and analysed this belief I realised it was nonsense and there is no such thing as “too late”. This helped me to move past the belief and see it as a false belief.

And you’ll boost your money mindset

Journaling will also help you heal your negative relationship with money and attract more abundance into your life. As you put pen to paper, you’ll discover more about how you really feel about money, you’ll shake off that scarcity mentality, you’ll stop self-sabotaging, you’ll become more grateful for what you do have, and take the steps towards living your dream life. This is really important because having a healthy relationship with money is fundamental when it comes to success and happiness in life. However, the reality is that many people have a relationship with money that is based on scarcity and lack which results in money beliefs that don’t serve them.

By taking steps to boost your money mindset through journaling, you’ll also feel more empowered to face the challenges that arise in your fledgling business and have the self-confidence to start living a braver life.

Here are some questions to explore your money beliefs:-

  • Describe your relationship with money?
  • What was your money story growing up?
  • How do you feel about money?
  • What would you LIKE to feel?
  • What beliefs about money that don’t serve you would you like to release?

You need to commit to a daily practice

If you’re serious about manifesting your dream life and starting a successful business, it’s not enough to just do a quick journaling exercise then forget all about it. Like most things in life, maximum growth happens when you commit to a daily practice and follow through, even if it’s just for five or ten minutes per day. Get started with journaling and empower yourself to reach your dreams with confidence by starting your journaling practice right now. Don’t put it off until you’ve got more time, or until life is less hectic. Do it now.

Just find a notebook or a piece of paper, pick up a pen and start writing. You can either ‘free write’ and let those thoughts flow freely onto the page without any particular direction, or you can follow journaling prompts that will keep you focused on making your dreams happen.

Here are a few more prompts to get started with:

  1. If I was living the biggest, boldest vision for my life, what would that look like?
  2. Who do I have to become to bring that vision to reality and get to where I want to go?
  3. What feels heavy and no longer serves me that I choose to release?

By far, journaling is one of the most powerful tools you can use to give you the ‘edge’ when it comes to success so you can start living your dream life and make your business dreams a reality. It is a powerful tool for shaping a positive mindset, creating a big vision and helping you reprogram old limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

In fact, far from being something reserved for angsty teenagers it can be one of the most powerful weapons when it comes to creating a mindset for success.


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