3 Ways To Integrate Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life…

3 Ways To Integrate Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life

In the fast-paced society we live in, we are surrounded by pressures and demands on the daily. It’s easy to lose yourself and your sanity in the day-to-day grind. It is essential that we sneak in little moments throughout our day to reconnect with our genuine selves and release the barrage of energies we encounter.

Below, you will find three small, but powerful, rituals to bring peace, balance, and harmony into your day.

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It is amazing how little we even notice this essential element of life! When stress starts creeping in, our breaths become more short and shallow- reducing the oxygen intake we so deeply need for organs and tissues to thrive. Several times throughout the day, take a few moments to just focus on your breath: the natural rise and fall of your chest, the way it feels inhaling and exhaling. Take a few slow, deep breaths; fill your lungs fully and slowly exhale. Notice how much more centered and relaxed you feel.


When you eat or drink something, slow down and take it in the senses. Notice the texture, the smell, how it sounds when you chew it, the temperature. You’ll find that not only will your stomach thank you, but you enjoy the experience of food more as a whole.

Get Outside!

Spend time in nature, even if just a few minutes a day on your lunch break. Take in the sights and sounds of your surroundings. Notice the colors, scents, and shapes of the trees and flowers. If possible, slip your shoes off and let your bare feet sink into the grass and just be for a few moments. It’s a powerful grounding exercise! There are many little ways to bring mindfulness into your day! The above ideas are just a sampler to get you started. The more you fit even just a couple of moments here and there throughout your day- the more your stress levels will fall!


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