How To Inspire Kids To Appreciate Everyday Wonders…

How To Inspire Kids To Appreciate Everyday Wonders

It so easy these days to get caught up in technology and to miss the simple, wondrous things that happen every day. While I am not always conscious of every moment, I do try to stop and recognize the beautiful things happening around me and make sure to share them with my kids:

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Say it Out Loud

Whether we are on our walk to school or a drive home from the beach, I make sure to point out the new flowers on the trees or that the moon is full. Just saying the words aloud encourages them to look around and increases their curiosity about how the world works.

Ask Questions

What do my kids notice today that is different than the day before? Rain brings out snails, cold weather causes the leaves to fall from the trees and the hot sun makes us extra thirsty. By asking them what they notice each day, I put the onus on them to connect to the seasons, the weather and all of the changes around us.

Get Dirty

Climbing, jumping and crawling often leads to dirty fingernails, sand in the hair and clothes that need to be washed. The more my kids run and jump, the more they interact with the natural elements around them. At the end of the day, there will always be a bath and a laundry cycle!

Lead by Example

My husband and I love to camp, swim, and trek so that is how we are raising our kids. But even if that isn’t your passion, there are still ways to connect kids with nature and themselves. This morning at breakfast, my husband taught our four and six-year-old about meditation and how it can relax us and help us be more attuned to the world at the start of our day.

And Last but not Least, get Outside

We make sure that part of every day is spent at the park, the beach, the forest or just in our neighborhood. The more time they spend outside, the more active they are and the more the feel connected to the ground beneath their feet, whether it is dirt or sand. Visiting animals in their natural habitat or picking your own fruit or vegetables is another great way to do this!

Mindfulness starts anew each day, and as parents, it can be our role to help encourage kids along this journey.


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