How You Can Drop Negativity And Experience Positivity…

How You Can Drop Negativity And Experience Positivity

The world can be an overwhelming place to live these days. Between negative news stories, ongoing political strife, and the rising cost of, well, everything — it’s getting easier and easier to get sucked into cycles of negativity. There are things you can do, however, to help keep you from getting bogged down and feeling blasé about life. Simply becoming more mindful of yourself and the others around you can shift your perspective so you can focus on the positive, and when you are able to focus on the positive that’s when you can allow love into your life. Here are some simple things you can do to increase mindfulness and love.

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Highly sensitive persons

Have you heard of the term highly sensitive person? Or maybe you’ve heard the terms earth angel or a lightworker? Perhaps you identify as one of these yourself. These are generally very delightful and happy people who like to spread their love and joy with others, but they may come off as disconnected or aloof during stressful times. These people seek peace and harmony and are greatly impacted when they don’t have it.

They are very much in tune with what’s happening around them so it can be draining for them to be in loud, chaotic, or distressing environments. Increasing your awareness about these beings can help you become more understanding and empathetic. Opening yourself up to these feelings will result in more loving energy extending out around the world around you.


Did you know that meditating just ten minutes a day has scientifically proven benefits? Most people know that meditation is great for reducing stress and helping to control anxiety, but there are many other benefits. Taking just a few moments to sit still, close your eyes, and focus on nothing but your breath can decrease your blood pressure, help reduce depression, lengthen your attention span, slow down age-related memory loss, improve sleep, and increase your self-awareness. You may find that meditating for a few minutes each morning may lead to greater patience when your bus is running late and more pleasant interactions with co-workers.

Gratitude journal

Keeping a gratitude journal can be one of the easiest yet most impactful ways you can bring more loving energy into your life. Simply write down a few of the things you are grateful for each and every day. Some days you might have long and personal lists and other days you might feel grateful for sunshine on your face or a pillow under your head.

Whatever you feel gratitude for just take a couple of moments each day to record it. You will probably find yourself looking forward to recording things in your journal, and it should quickly become a habit. You will naturally become more positive and loving in your life in general if you take time to focus on things that you are grateful for.

Heart-centered energy

A lot of people struggle with meditating. It can be difficult to clear your mind and sit quietly for an extended period of time in this chaotic world. There’s another way you can feel calmer and grounded while increasing feelings of love. You can give yourself heart-centered energy. Imagine a warm glowing yellow orb in the middle of your chest, otherwise known as your heart center. Imagine this warm yellow energy slowly spreading down your stomach to your legs and down your arms. Feel the energy going down your arms to your hands and envision all that loving energy collecting in the palm of your hands, then place your hands on your heart center and visualize all that energy going back into your heart.

It’s a simple cycle that allows you to focus on yourself and send yourself love whenever you need it. You should notice a difference even if you only do this for two minutes a day. There are many mindful things you can do to increase feelings of love. These things don’t just benefit you, but everyone around you as well.


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