5 Important Reasons Why You NEED To Be True To Yourself…

5 Important Reasons Why You NEED To Be True To Yourself

Don't forget: be yourself because everyone else is already taken.

I am a great lover of people who are true to who they are. As humans, we are all imperfect by nature. We all have our weaknesses and strengths. Once you recognize this truth and embrace it, it becomes easy to be your true self.

There is this quote I love, which is attributed to Oscar Wilde, “Be yourself – everyone else is already taken”. This is very true. You are you, you are unique. The moment you try to be someone else you lose your identity and cease to exist.

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Be yourself

Look, there is really no one competing with you. Be yourself, be YOU. So many people have missed good opportunities and suffer great loss because they robbed themselves of their true identity.

We live in an age where the society tells us what to do and even who to be, but this shouldn’t be the case. You must understand that it is people who shape society and not the other way around. We are all unique beings, with different contributions to make to the growth of society. You can’t fulfill your own part of the work if you murder your true personality. Whether you are being your authentic self or not, here are five reasons why you should always be yourself.

1) Life will be much easier

Yes, life will be much easier to live when you are truly yourself. Trying too hard to be like Mr. A or to impress everyone can be mentally and physically exhausting. Life becomes more difficult because you are in opposition to what your heart really needs. When you are truly yourself, you live life at your own pace. Look at children, for example, they don’t think so much about what they want to say or do, and yet they live happily and free.

Adopt the same mentality and your life will be a much smoother journey.

2) You will attract the right people

When you strip yourself of the conditioning from your past and the immediate environment which work against your true self, you will attract the right people easily. Those who shouldn’t be in your life will begin to withdraw. You will end up with friends of like minds and aspirations.

3) You become exemplary

Those who are their true self have no problem expressing themselves to the world, while those who are not are hardly ever ready to express themselves. The first group lives in the moment, the other often dwell in the future. People who are true to themselves are already a success, but those who are not seeking to succeed. When you love yourself you will be your best, and many people will look up to you and ask for advice.

There is no doubt that some other people may feel jealous and try to bring you down but there is hardly anything that can stop a true personality from striving.

4) You will discover your purpose

Being your true self is the first step to being successful. To be successful is to discover your purpose in life and fulfill it. When you listen more to your inner self rather than the outside world, you will be guided to fulfill your destiny without having to try too hard. Plus, you will fully live every step along the way of your life’s mission.

5) You will make better decisions

Yes, you will make better decisions when you are your true self. If you give in to social norms and follow the herd, you are likely to value other people’s opinion more than you listen to what your heart says. You are more likely to make wrong decisions this way. But when you embrace your true personality and follow your heart, you can hardly go wrong.

Whether the outcome of your decision is pleasant or not, in the long run, everything will work out in your favor.


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