The Importance Of Personal Development…

The Importance Of Personal Development

How do people actually start a personal development journey? Why do they decide they need to work on themselves? What is their motivation or reasoning? Most of the time I see that people involved in personal development are those who had the hardest lives. Mostly it is those who had bad life experience whether it is relationships or work. And some of you have a genuine interest. Then I wondered why some people never think about personal development? Do they really have such a care-free life? Of course not. Even those who seem successful and happy may have many issues in life.

I started my personal development journey not so long ago and I realized that all the people I know in real life do not even know that personal development exists. They are just not aware of it and they do not really think that they can get better and improve their lives. I know many people who constantly complain, who hate their jobs, who always fail at relationships, who have low self-esteem when they actually are good people. Being like this becomes a habit and we keep living automated life, not being aware that our life is in our hands.

And no, you do not have to be miserable to start personal development. Personal development is not a destination; it is a journey.

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What is personal development?

So what does personal development actually mean? It is a process which includes activities in order to improve your life quality. It can be self-awareness, identity, reaching your full potential, self-esteem, social relationships, self-knowledge, improving your physical and mental health and improving emotional intelligence. Personal development does not always require a professional by your side. You can learn and take advantage of it as self-help. There are many tools and techniques to do it yourself, however, professional help is also another way and should not be ignored. Without further ado, let me tell you the reasons you need personal development.

Reasons you need personal development

1. Finding your purpose

The way I have been raised affected the way I perceived adult life. When I finished high school I had no idea what I wanted, which area I was interested in, what profession I wanted or simply what I wanted to become. Of course, it is hard to know what you want at the age of 18 but even after 6 years, I stayed in the same spot not knowing what I want. Personal development helps you to find your passion and find your purpose in life. For me, it happened in 2 months and for you, it may take less or longer. Living a life not knowing what you want feels miserable. Not having passion in your life and goals is a direction going nowhere. It is like being stuck in one place and having no idea where to go. Having passion and purpose gives you the reason to move, to improve and you can contribute to any field you choose whether it is psychology or literature. As one saying says, “find what you love and let it kill you”.

2. Self-awareness

How well do you know yourself? Are you sure that the way you perceive yourself is the reality? How many girls out there think they are ugly when they have great looks. How many out there think that they are very confident but they are actually just cocky and annoying. So many think they do not deserve better salary and are scared to even strive for it. Did you know that when you look at yourself in the mirror your reflection is not exactly same as you perceive it? Or have you ever heard the recording of your own voice and how weird it sounded? Self-awareness is the most vital part in personal development journey. If you do not fully know who you are, it will be a big obstacle for you. Most of the people will say, hey, of course, I know myself but believe me, most likely you do not know yourself. Most of the time the way you perceive yourself is just your subjective perception. Self-awareness is the fundamental part. In the century of technology, you are being affected by social media and news 24/7 and the opinions you have may not really be your opinions but the reflection of the surrounded information. Self-awareness will also help you to find your purpose and help you with social relationships, it will help you to develop your own values and living standards and help you to be much stronger.

3. Confidence

Knowing who you are, what you want and where you are going will help you to develop the sense of confidence without even trying. On the other hand, confidence will help you with your career as well as personal relationships. Everyone wants to hang around with confident people and everyone likes them. Confidence helps you with communication with others and with decision-making. To forget others, feeling confident will help you with self-esteem and give you the direction of self-love. It is a very important skill in any field of life and simply, confidence just makes you feel so much better.

4. Motivation

What is life without motivation? It feels terrible when everyday activity feels like a routine, everything seems so boring and annoying, you have no goal, no desire to do anything, you just want to stay in bed. Motivation has a huge impact on our lives and without it, everything seems longer and harder. Personal development will help you to have more motivation, knowing that you can improve your life, get better at this or that, achieve something you always wanted. With motivation, everything you do becomes more pleasant and help you to be productive. On the other hand, motivation may be lost if you work too hard on your personal development so try to avoid getting burnt out.

5. Success

Once you find your purpose, once you are self-aware, you have the motivation and confidence you are on your way to success. You become active, you work on yourself, you do what you need to do to achieve your goals, you know where you are going and you have the reasons to live. Your energy brings better people in your life, you attract all the good things and life seems much more meaningful. Success does not only mean being a multi-millionaire or having a huge house and the latest cars. Success is living the life at your full potential, not hiding from yourself and being who you really are. Success is when you just feel mentally calm when you are simply happy and you realize that there is not so much time left to waste it on negativity. I know, money matter as well and you cannot be always happy without it, however, if you know who you are and you have purpose you will always find a way to make some money from it.


Personal development is not an easy process and it takes a lot of time especially if there are many areas that you need to work on. When I became aware of my life I realized there is so much I want to do, I felt like I was asleep all the time and the years passed by. Time is the most valuable currency and thinking about negativity is such a waste. I know it sounds so easy but it is not an easy journey at all. There will be times when you fall down but you need to get up and continue even with higher energy. If you are at your worst, know that you can change your life and if you are happy with your life at some point, know that you can make it even better. There are many reasons for personal development and points mentioned above is only the basics. If you can do more than you are doing now, why should you stay in the same spot? It does not matter if you go fast or slow, just enjoy the process.


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