I’m Obsessed With My Health: How Can I Stop? (A Spiritual Perspective)…

I’m Obsessed With My Health: How Can I Stop? (A Spiritual Perspective)

Personal well-being is paramount to everyone. It has been proven scientifically that the healthier we are, the longer we live. In turn, people’s attitudes to health vary – from being carefree and hoping that things will take care of themselves, to those who are obsessed about their health – almost to the exclusion of everything else.

Paradoxically, the extent of your worrying about health may have an adverse impact on your health (unless you, of course, follow this up with action). This is because the longer you linger in such harmful thoughts, the worse the situation will seem to you. In extreme circumstances, these bad thoughts will consume you and take away your peace of mind and rational thinking.

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Strategies to help you stop being so anxious about your health

  • Fully appreciate the negative impact that your perpetual worrying has on your health. Have they become self-fulfilling? Equally, recognize that positive thoughts will manifest in positive results.
  • Bring balance to your thoughts: try to gain a sense of perspective on your worries.
  • Evaluate your thoughts based on rational fact rather than unfounded paranoia. What evidence do you have to support your prediction? Or what evidence do you have that does not support your prediction?
  • Ask yourself if your obsession with your health is a habit or real? If you feel it is authentic then seek professional help.

A permanent solution to stop your worries

Akram Vignan is a spiritual science that explains any form of worrying is a sign of egoism. Worries occur because you believe that you will be able to solve or sort things out or that without you, life will not be able to run and function.

The reality is, however, that worries only eat away at you, affecting your health and hindering you from leading a normal healthy life. By agonizing about your health, you are creating negative vibrations from which you will have negative effects. This will only make things worse. Everyone has two choices in life: to remain positive or negative. By having bad thoughts, you will have a negative outcome, and conversely, by remaining positive you will have a positive outcome.

Spiritual Science informs us that by attaining the knowledge of the Self, your Soul, worries related to your well-being will not exist any longer. Through the correct understanding of ‘Who am I’ you will remain in your real form of the Soul and will not experience or feel anything but only “know” and “see” the body and ego. Even if the body is experiencing bodily pain, the Soul will know the depth of the pain and how the body and ego are suffering but will always remain in the bliss of the Self.

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