20 Tiny Things I Do To Help My Anxiety (Even When I Feel I The Worst)…

20 Tiny Things I Do To Help My Anxiety (Even When I Feel I The Worst)

I break down sometimes. I’m 20 years old, and I realize I want to be twenty forever. All my life, I wanted to speed up things. Achieving goals younger makes you competent and successful, they said. So I took a difficult college degree even though it isn’t what I liked. I applied for my first job after I turned 18, and boy, did it took a toll on my mental health.

Thankfully, it made me appreciate the small things that makes me happy. Hopefully this will give you an idea to keep your life a little bit better. Here are the 20 things that can ease my worries:

1. Re-reading my favorite books. (I like to re-read Pack Darling by Lola Rock recently).

2. Watching Running Man on YouTube. Or a lot of K-pop.

3. Tarot reading.

4. Writing chapters of my novel.

5. Listening to sad music.

6. Eating junk foods.

7. Looking for quotes.

8. Shopping online and adding items to cart.

9. Go to anitwt. (It means anime twitter community.)

10. Play game applications. (This is my go-to anti-anxiety method.)

11. Plan out my week.

12. Blog my thoughts.

13. Track my achievements.

14. Say some affirmations.

15. Tweet unfiltered thoughts.

16. Drink cold milk.

17. Dance it away. (Like I did this morning.)

18. Watch anime. (Currently watching Dr. Stone, it’s so cool and I feel so smart.)

19. Talk to my younger sister.

20. Declutter my email inbox.

That’s everything that makes me calm. How about you? What puts you at ease?


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Cristela Mejica


Tarot and Oracle reader on Youtube. Owner of buymeacoffee.com/cristela. Finance college student. Writer on Wattpad.

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