How To Zen Out Your Living Space…

How To Zen Out Your Living Space

True peace comes from within, but a peaceful space around us cannot do harm. Creating such a space is not hard at all, and requires little effort and money, but a lot of motivation. The benefit is a stress-free zone in which you can really relax from everyday hustle and bustle. Zenning out your living space has never been so easy, as long as we follow these five simple guidelines.

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Softness Underneath

There is nothing wrong with parquet or even concrete floor. It’s just that stepping across a hard surface is a feeling that cannot be associated with relaxation, quite the contrary. This is why you need to cushion your steps by introducing carpets and mats, but not just any. Aim for the feeling of softness conferred by wool. An alternative in terms of material is cotton, which is equally soft and soothes the feet. When it comes to color, try to match it with one of the floors if applicable. If not, opt for neutral hues, such as brown, crème, or beige, trademark colors of zen.

Light and Air

If you have larger windows make sure to use that feature to your advantage. Install see-through curtains of mellow colors that will let plenty of natural light in. Stay away from artificial light forms during daytime as much as possible. Also, all rooms should have plenty of air in them. This does not mean, however, that you should create draft, as it can pose a health risk and it isn’t zen-like. When night falls, don’t use strong lights, but try to dim them. You can create light displays on the walls by placing patterns over light sources, such as lamps or chandeliers. For special occasions, use aromatic candles that can relax you.

A Garden Retreat

Having plants indoors is a plus, but creating a garden space outside is an even bigger advantage. Zen Buddhism is frequently associated with gardens in Japan. They are genuine places of relaxation alone or with friends. No more visits to a far-away park, as the greenery makes its way into your home. Now, the tricky part of creating a garden space is the design. We all have a vague idea how it might look, but turning this fantasy into reality better be left to professionals. There are many businesses today that offer affordable landscape design services. These landscape architects will know which plant species to choose and properly visualize the garden area.


We cannot stress enough the role colors play in zen-ing out any home. Like with carpeting, it is all about softness. Natural colors dominate the zen philosophy. Shades of light green are in particular associated with relaxation. Green is the color of the plants, so when we look at it, our eyes automatically go into “rest mode.” White is another desirable color, especially for furniture, carpets, and curtains. These shades should fit into the existing colors of the furniture and other items inside the house. If the couch is grey, then place a greyish mat in front of it. All in all, the floor, walls, and the furniture should match well together when it comes to their respective color. Huge discrepancies will only increase the tiredness factor, hurting the zen element of the abode.

Running Water

The sound of water not only helps you sleep better, but it relaxes you while you are awake. In nature, it is associated with rivers and streams which are the source of life and naturally soothing. Having running water inside the house (other than the sink and the shower, of course) is the final touch of household zen. By placing a small fountain on the coffee table or on the fireplace, you create the focal point of your appeased space.

In addition, a larger fountain can be included in the landscape of the garden, if the architects deem it possible. Actually, they always advise people to place a water source in their garden since they, as professionals, are fully aware of benefits the sound of water has. Zen culture is all about the finesses that are easily attainable if there is enough willpower. The benefit of a zenned out home soon become apparent as your stress levels rapidly decrease. Whose wouldn’t if surrounded by greenery and the sound of water all the time. True relaxation, indeed.


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