5 Ways To Use Mindfulness During A Career Change…

5 Ways To Use Mindfulness During A Career Change

We live in an age of constant stimulation: everywhere you look there are tips and advice on how to be better and more productive, yet many people still lack self-esteem and courage to turn their lives around and be more confident. Many pieces of advice tend to be superficial so that’s why they usually don’t work in the long run.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that they cannot be useful, but if you truly want to be more confident, you need to invest more effort in order to make that happen. Changing your career is something that requires a lot of courage and introspection, so before you make a decision, it’s necessary to employ some mindful practices that will help you think more clearly and be a stronger person.

If you’re considering a career change, here are some mindful tips that will help you make a decision without getting stressed:

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1) Know the reason why

Many people decide for a career change due to sheer boredom and lack of other options that haven’t been presented to you. If your current workplace keeps you from flourishing and being more creative and energized, then it’s definitely time to consider making a big change towards something better. Knowing the reason why can help you be more resourceful and determined, which can be of great help when making such an important step in a new direction. The truth is if you don’t have a clue why you’re doing anything, then you won’t be able to get what you need.

2) Practice assertiveness

Being assertive is something that’s often listed as one of the top ways to be happy and get what you need, yet many people struggle with clearly communicating their thoughts and ideas in fear they’ll be dismissed or maybe even fired from their job. Therefore, it’s necessary to be calm and collected, so you’ll be able to firmly stand your ground without coming across as too cocky or entitled.

Learning to say no and create boundaries can be of great help especially if you’re already struggling with standing up for yourself and defending your opinions. The best way to practice assertiveness is to start small: if you have a friend who’s constantly asking you to do things for them, find a way to set your boundaries in a way that won’t be intimidating or agitating.

3) Be giving and kind

The best way to grow and be more mindful is to practice generosity and kindness, especially towards those who are less fortunate than us. For example, using your free time to volunteer and help people from marginalized backgrounds, can make you be more altruistic and see things from a different perspective. For instance, there are many young school-aged girls who don’t have equal access to various learning opportunities, so you can help them obtain better grades and get scholarships that will ensure better education opportunities and connections.

Additionally, you can volunteer at your local community center that helps immigrants, refugees or single mothers who are dealing with various barriers that prevent them from achieving their goals. Being kind and thoughtful can teach you many new lessons that will help you grow and be a better person.

4) Learn to fix yourself

Fixing yourself may sound easy, but for those who are just starting it can actually be a very difficult and sometimes downright painful process. But, the results you get out of it can be immeasurable — you’ll become stronger, more resilient and less prone to volatile emotional outbursts. Being introspective can greatly help you get in touch with your emotions and thought patterns, but if you feel like that’s a lot of work, don’t hesitate to go to a therapist, who’ll teach you how to manage your negative behavioral patterns.

Besides, you’ll learn how to recognize a negative thought before it gets over you, which will also give you more freedom to control it. That way you’ll also learn to talk to others without resorting to yelling and arguing, which is one of the most mindful things you can do.

5) Don’t compare yourself to others

People are constantly told to compare themselves to others, usually those who are better off than us. But, we often compare ourselves to our smarter and more successful co-workers, neighbors and friends without seeing the full picture: for instance, that seemingly-perfect co-worker may be dealing with some issues you know nothing about so comparing yourself to that person won’t do you any good in the long run.

We all have different stories and problems, so if you feel like you’re not enough, then it’s best to count your blessings and be grateful for everything you have, as those who you see as better may be dealing with more difficult things than you. Being content in your own skin is the best way to live a fulfilled and productive life.


Mindfulness takes time, so don’t feel disheartened if you don’t see the results immediately. Instead, focus on being a better person and helping others, as that will definitely help you with self-growth and your confidence. Also, that way you’ll be able to change your career without feeling guilty, because getting what you deserve is the ultimate sign of self-love and courage.


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