Using Vedic Wisdom To Turn Your Backyard Into A Peaceful Sanctuary…

Using Vedic Wisdom To Turn Your Backyard Into A Peaceful Sanctuary

Adding all the Vedic elements of nature to your backyard can bring a new energetic feeling to your home.

When summer finally comes, you need to spend more time outdoors. If you are not taking a vacation, your outdoor living space becomes your sanctuary. It’s a place where you relax on a hammock, barbecue ribs with friends, or garden to have a fresh supply of groceries. This summer, you can create a sanctuary by turning your outdoor space into a space where you enjoy great times with your family.

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What comprises a sanctuary?

Astrologists have spent years trying to understand how the universe works. They found that different factors within the environment affected how human beings, and other living things, thrive. The stars, moon, sun, and the earth all have an effect on human physiology. Other factors, including the slope of land, the soil, and even pollution, have an effect on human life.

Human beings have a connection to the environment – this why we enjoy more outdoor space. Besides the environmental factors, the beauty of the environment, including buildings, also have an impact on human health and happiness. Indian seekers have had the same observation – their observation came to be known as Vastu Shastra.

A good sanctuary needs to balance all five elements within the environment – water, air, fire, earth, and space. You need quality soil, enough water, enough space, enough sun and a fireplace for use at night, and let the wind blow through your garden.

1. Have a curving path

Have you noticed that most people take a stroll in the garden when they need to think deeply? You can have that in your garden too. Create a path that curves in between features in your garden where you can walk, enjoy the fresh air and enhance your thinking process. If your garden is relatively small, you can create a path that curves from one section to the next. You can create a simple path with no concrete or if your budget allows, create a concrete or gravel path.

2. A spot for quiet times

Your patio can be a quiet spot but it is so close to the main house. If you take a stroll to clear your mind or to ponder on issues, you will need a spot quiet enough to continue with the thought process.

You can create a secluded area far from the main house where you can sit in silence and enjoy a good time. The area can be shielded with trees or remain as an open space where the wind blows across your face. In that area, you can have a simple hammock or a bench. The area should also be private enough and conducive for a conversation.

3. Include a water feature

You can have a pool in your garden where you enjoy a good time. However, pool water is still and not exciting. A sanctuary needs to have flowing water. Again, a Feng Shui will tell you that flowing water brings good luck. The sound of flowing water will calm your mind. A fountain, or a waterfall feature, will not only look great on your yard but will also help you relax.

4. Fireplace

One of the elements in the environment is fire. During the day, you need to ensure that your yard has enough access to the sun. At night, you need a source of heat and a fireplace is a great feature. It doesn’t need to be expensive; you can create a fireplace with a few stones. If your bank allows, you can create a vintage fireplace, complete with a chimney.

A backyard BBQ spot is also a great way to relax with family and friends. When you need grilled foods for a family reunion or a when you are meeting your friends, a barbecue spot will save the day. Your spot doesn’t have to be all messy with charcoal – you can have a simple smoker.  Feel free to add a bit of greenery to your BBQ spot.


Even after you have installed all the features needed, you will still need to have enough lighting to use your yard at night. You also need a focal point for your garden – a place that adds beauty to your garden. Again, do not add so many features on your backyard until there are no open spaces on your backyard. You can also add features that you like – ensure they do not crowd your yard making it less of a sanctuary.


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