How To Stay Sane In Isolation…

How To Stay Sane In Isolation

So, it’s pretty obvious (unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months) we are going through an epic pandemic. The world feels like it’s closing in as our options for things to do and people to see get smaller and more limited. For some, it’s starting to feel like we live inside a tiny box with no windows.

It’s fair to say and easy to see, that this is going to have an impact on the mental health of the collective (that is if you have been living under a rock and have not yet seen the signs. And if you are living under a rock right now, who can blame you?) Seriously…these are crazy times we are living in now, guys. Things are changing so rapidly and we, in turn, have to learn how to quickly navigate, adjust, and adapt to these extreme changes. The things that were a part of our normal, are now out the window…at least for the next few months. No more catching up with friends. No more meeting up for coffee. No more meetings for that matter. For some of us, no more work! The rug of life as we have known it is being pulled from underneath us.

With this in mind, I think we can all agree that we are starting to go a little stir crazy. Cabin fever anyone? If you are doing your bit by society, you’ll be spending most of your time confined to your home or apartment, and only really leaving for the essentials or a short walk to get some air. For those of you who are abiding by these measures, I am giving you a virtual fist-bump in solidarity – you go, girl! (Or boy)! It’s not easy, and yes most of us are privileged to have our health and a safe home to find refuge in. Even so, being stuck in the same space, day after day, with the same shit to do, is bound to make you want to smash your head against a wall. You may find yourself making new friends out of brooms and mops, or Wilsons’ out of volley-balls to keep you company and bounce ideas off of.

As I have just started my own business from home offering intuitive psychic and spiritual coaching services, I am pretty used to WFH almost lately. In addition to this, I am the living embodiment of “The Hermit” tarot card, and I have spent my fair share of time being by myself since adolescence. So I am well equipped with my self-care routine and mental health regime to keep the cabin fever crazies at bay! I am here to share with you, my tips, tricks and must-haves for maintaining a routine for self-isolation during a pandemic.

1. Get a solid morning routine going – and stick to it every single day

Don’t abandon the morning alarm. Keeping as consistent as possible is key. Having a routine every day gives you some predictability and stability to start your day right. You don’t have to get up super early, just decide on a time and stick to it. The next part of this step is deciding what you want to spend your time on in the morning to set you up for a good day. This is completely up to you. My morning routine looks like waking up at 7, meditation and yoga, a pot of peppermint tea, and cooking myself a nourishing breakfast.

2. Set some small goals for the day

These can be tasks around the house, study, or whatever else you want to get done. The key with this is to set achievable and believable goals for the day. Don’t go overboard and set yourself up for failure by expecting too much of yourself. That can only end badly…most likely with a mental breakdown sitting on the shower floor (been there). Set 3-5 small-ish goals for the day, and make time to complete them. This way, even though you’re not going out and doing things, you can still achieve a sense of getting some things done and having a little bit of control over your own world.

3. Feel all the feelings.

Let’s not pretend that this isn’t a scary time for all of us, on different levels. We have lost all sense of control over the world and our lives. We are feeling unsafe, insecure, and unsure of what exactly lies ahead. It’s okay to feel sad, angry, rage, helpless, hopeless…whatever feelings you are feeling right now are okay.

You don’t have to explain or try to justify them. This uncertainty is bringing up a lot of “stuff” for us, and it’s not going to be the same for everybody. The best thing we can do for ourselves is just show up without judgement and in complete compassion for whatever it is we are feeling. Don’t shove it away. Name the feeling (if you can) and acknowledge its presence. You can acknowledge its presence by sitting with the feeling and breathing deeply through it. You can journal about it, you can cry, or you can play a song that captures the feeling and just sing/scream/cry the words out. Whatever you do with it is absolutely fine, just let the feeling be felt, if even for a few minutes out of your day.

4. Reward yourself.

Remember to let yourself feel good just for the sake of feeling good. This is a good way to reward that work from above, but also to bring yourself a sense of comfort in an uncomfortable time. Watch movies you love, play animal crossing or whatever your cup of tea is. Doing this will help you to relax, to connect with the things that make you feel good, as well as support a sense of safety.

5. Avoid Numbing.

I think we can all relate to wanting to distract ourselves or numb our feelings at some point in our lives. When things get too hard, too painful, and too uncomfortable, it can feel like it is too much to bear. I want to encourage you to avoid using tactics like over-drinking, using substances, overeating junk food, playing video games all day/night long. It may feel good in the moment to be pushing away the discomfort. But avoiding all this discomfort doesn’t make it go away. It just doesn’t. And using behaviours like this to cope is not going to support you in the long run or even in the short term. It is human nature to avoid discomfort, but doing so is only denies your reality, which will, in turn, have an impact on your mental health. Your brain is not stupid. You know “stuff” is going on. It needs to be felt and acknowledged so that you’re not living in a distorted reality. Existing in a distorted reality for extended periods will make you feel crazy on its own…let alone the fact that you’re living through a pandemic and life is beginning to feel like a movie.

These are just 5 vital steps that will support you immensely if you can put them into consistent practice, particularly if you are at home every single day (otherwise you’re only leaving for work, right?). Advocating for yourself and your mental health at the moment is so important, and if you are struggling, it’s also extremely important that you reach out for support. We may not be in physical contact, but your family, neighbours and community are here for you right now. There are many mental health resources that are available to you if you need them, and a quick google search will get you loads of information. If you’re living in Australia, these are just a few resources you may find useful if you are struggling:

• Lifeline Australia: 13 11 14

• Mindspot: 1800 614 434

• Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636.

• Headspace: 1800 650 890

• Kids Helpline: 1800 551 800.

How are you taking care of yourself in the midst of a pandemic? Comment below and share your tips!

If you want more tips from me or to get in touch, find me at as well as @divinenataliemoon in Instagram

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