How To Release Fear In 10 Minutes Or Less…

How To Release Fear In 10 Minutes Or Less

In the past when I held onto fearful feelings that appeared in the moment, it did not feel calming and did not allow for the mind to even think clearly. Solutions were limited. I realized holding onto deep-rooted identification with a fearful situation for years could even be causing tension and dis-ease in your body.

In my experience, however, when I let go of the fear I notice a greater openness rather than feeling closed and tense. I’m clearer, alert and more aware. I have the ability to see more solutions and to be focused on finding ‘freedom’ rather than the lack of it.

This experiential exercise below is what I found to be really helpful for releasing any fearful feelings, so greater solutions can be noticed from a more open mind for getting into appropriate and safe action. For some years now I have applied The Sedona Method emotional releasing and I found it to be so effective that I choose to coach with it whenever I can and share it for many to benefit if they choose to.

Here is one of the most easy round of questions that I first applied to free the feelings that were holding me back from living more fully. Now for this exercise I am applying it to any situation related to career wellness. Perhaps you are afraid of that bully boss – you could start with that.

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Releasing questions

  1. At this moment, can you think of something from the past, that you would like to be different, that is focused on your past career ? Got something?
  2. Now how does that feel? For example, it could be a feeling of ‘fearful, resistance, disapproved of, even powerlessness’. So, whichever feeling it is, just notice it, and allow it to be here. (Be sure to actually experience this)
  3. Now, would you like to keep holding onto that feeling for a whole week, for every second? (yes/ no?) Could you let it go?
  4. Would you let that feeling go if you could let it go? (yes/no). Just pause here…and notice a clear-ness, which you can notice after each answer to the question.
  5. When would you let that feeling go? (Hint – “Now” is good !!)…..can you notice that it is beginning to feel more ‘at ease’, more free around that initial issue ?
  6. Repeat the above round of questions 1 to 5 until you can welcome fully and completely, a feeling of ease and simply feeling freer overall, from that initial issue. Always finish these rounds of questions with a feeling of completeness.

In summary, these questions can be asked at any time. Could I let it go? Would I let it go, if I could let it go? When? To complete the rounds of questions, be sure to welcome the feeling you would rather be feeling, and notice what is free of any of that?


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