5 Ways To Keep Your Spirits High And Your Stress Low…

5 Ways To Keep Your Spirits High And Your Stress Low

It's so important to keep your spirits high and your worries low!

More often than not, we catch ourselves obsessively worrying about the littlest of things, and before you know it, you’re on a path of becoming a chronically anxious, nervous wreck. Often, the more you try to free your mind of these thoughts, the more persistent they become. The thing is, when you put something into focus, labeling it as a problem, it starts being more and more present and dominant in your mind. This is because the mind is not good with focusing on “not doing” something.

The best way to get rid of toxic thinking is to refocus your attention to something engaging and relaxing. By not giving your brain time and opportunity to overthink, it will eventually give up on this nasty habit. Here are five great activities to help you empty your mind and start over as a stress-free person.

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1) Go outside and get moving

Physical activity alongside nature is a prescription for improved health and well-being. The release of endorphins lifts the mood and starts the process of breaking stressful habits. Group sports like baseball, hockey, football, etc. are fantastic for leaving behind worries and putting the focus on a high-intensity, fast game.

Team sports accentuate solidarity, a sense of belonging to a community that strives towards one goal – achieving success as a group. Being in a team means having a sense of responsibility and devotion to something more than personal gain. The social aspect of playing sports is also crucial for boosting self-esteem, confidence, as well as creating a positive self-image.

2) Go back to nature

There’s no more significant way of achieving mental serenity than including nature into your life. Hiking, cycling, jogging and even just walking in nature will quickly remind you of the simplicity of life and sufficiency of just being yourself. Nature heals in its unique way, and the more you give your time and presence to it, the more you’ll need to get back to it.

3) Take up jogging

Jogging is a rhythmic, repetitive, consistent movement, which gives the brain relief from ruminative thinking (thinking repetitive, unhappy thoughts). It’s a perfect blend of a moderate – intensity physical workout and a mindful, relaxing activity that helps you get in touch with your inner self. When running, bring awareness to your breath as you move. Notice the sensations in your body, observe how your heart rate increases, your muscles contract, and your whole body experiences a positive change.

Whenever you feel down or restless, try jogging for half an hour. With each step you take, you will release a bit of the tension and anxiety. Imagine yourself letting go of every bad thought you come up with and negative thinking that consumes you. Jogging can be your free therapy.

Whenever you feel down or restless, try jogging for half an hour. With each step you take, release a bit of the tension and anxiety, imagine yourself letting go of every wrong thought you come up with and negative thinking that consumes you. Jogging can be your free therapy.

4) Try solitude

Meditation and solitude will keep your spirits high.

Although sometimes when we’re too much in our head what we need is some good company, other times getting away from people and dealing with your thoughts is the best thing to give ourselves. As we go through our daily life, we often fail to realize activities such as daily commute, distractions, people, surroundings, routines, and even the things that we consume have an impact on our lives. When your mind is cluttered, and you find it difficult to focus, get away. Be in solitude by yourself and in a quiet place.

Meditation is the best way to calm your overactive mind. It’s simple and requires only a couple of things—stillness and your willingness to do it. There is no one and right way to meditate. Some people use prayer to quiet the outside and create an inward focus, while others cross their legs and hum. Either way, what seems most comfortable and real to you is the right way to go. Meditation can be hard in the beginning, but if you’re persistent and willing enough to find inner peace, eventually it all starts to make sense and work wonders.

5) De-clutter and organize – organized life means an organized mind

A calming environment free from clutter can help you get into a more relaxed state of mind. Without the distraction of clutter around, you are more open to letting your mind focus on more positive thoughts. Let go of everything you don’t use, like things that sit around and take up space.

Also, find a way to organize your time and everyday activities. Putting everything down on paper can help you analyze your thoughts, understand what’s important and what’s just distraction. It may seem silly, but think about your mental state – the less you have to deal with in your head, the less distracted and constrained you’ll feel.

Managing your state of having a clear mind is an essential step to achieving great success in life. When you are feeling stuck, getting nowhere, your mind is cluttered, it will not help you get things done. Each time you experience negative patterns of thinking, remember that there are simple and accessible ways to help yourself quickly. In the end, healing your mind means genuinely taking care of yourself.


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