How To Get Out Of The Way Of Manifesting What You Long For…

How To Get Out Of The Way Of Manifesting What You Long For

Longing is often associated with dissatisfaction, with something that we don’t have and never will, or that we have yet to attain. But in its true essence, longing is so much more. It is a call from within that moves us beyond the collective unconscious, beyond the echoes of the past or the fear of the future.

Spiritual philosophers tell us that we create our own reality, and from a quantum physics perspective, reality is an infinite field of energy that exists as a possibility. Each moment holds limitless potentials, and we, in turn, hold the key to which reality we experience based on what we perceive. Therefore, we have the power to affect energy.

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We are energy. We are magnetic and can align with the outcomes we most desire.

When we connect with the true essence of our longing, we become mesmerized by its feeling-quality, rather than preoccupied with trying to manifest it. By feeling into our longing we step out of mental structures that impede the natural evolution of our creative purpose. We cease projecting perceived ideas and expectation onto life, and allow our longing to guide us back to our true self – to the propelling force at the heart of desire, which we embody through feelings.

The way to arrive at any desired outcome is to cease fighting with the way things are or have been. This requires a quantum leap: stepping into the reality we yearn for by building a bridge toward it from our current experience and perception. This bridge is our willingness to engage with the sacred in everything, in the mundane, in life crises or moments of wonder.

Renewal requires constant re-dedication to the things that we love.

Musicians have to re-tune their instruments regularly, and so do we have to re-tune our own instruments: our body and mind, focus and intent. Our whole life is in a state of constant refinement, yet so many of us expect perfection. We believe that our instruments should always be working optimally, to the point that as a collective we have become disconnected from nature – our own nature.

We live in an artificial world dominated by the pressure to manifest exactly what we want when we want it. We have forgotten that we are infinite beings and that what we yearn for is made manifest out of our union with spirit, not out of our expectations. It is not surprising then that our sense of the spiritual can be quickly absorbed by duty and responsibility, pulling us back into unease.

Like an instrument, we are affected by change and need to realign.

Because the need for change is vital, any level of readjustment is welcomed, even a small one. And there is no need to overhaul our entire life – just as there is no need to throw away a perfectly good instrument – unless we are set on rejecting everything about ourselves. As a spiritual dedicand, my aim is always to accept and honor reality as it is and simultaneously change reality with the presence of my devotion. This requires a continual re-dedication of my spiritual commitment to life.

I have learned from channeling a spirit that our humanity is a sacred part of the whole of divinity. This guidance serves to draw me out of disillusionment into the re-dedication of my faith over and over again.


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