How To Feel Secure Again And Trust…

How To Feel Secure Again And Trust

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Trust is no easy thing to attain. We’ve all been betrayed, in one way or another. As small children, we may have had a hard time trusting our primary caregivers for a number of reasons. Sad but true, not all of us were blessed with solid parental figures as young babes. We may have had parents who divorced when were young. We might have had single moms who worked all the time, doing their best to make ends meet while not being around much. There might not have been enough unconditionally loving caregivers around to give us what we truly needed to feel safe and secure in the world during a time when we were developing.

It’s no surprise that many of us have trust issues. Many of us have experienced romantic relationships where we’ve been hurt and betrayed in some way shape or form. Perhaps we have so many negative thoughts running through our heads that we don’t even trust ourselves! Sadly, this scenario is the case for so many of us. Thankfully, there are effective ways to build trust and security through our yoga practice. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways we can do this:

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Balance your root chakra

Your root chakra is located at the base of your spine, and it’s responsible for feelings of security, groundedness, and trust. Your root chakra comes into being from the day you were born, until around your twelfth month on earth. However, it’s gradually developing until about the age of seven. If you suffered any form of abuse during these years, your root chakra was most likely compromised. Issues of trust are a root chakra issue.

When your root chakra is in balance, emotional stability follows. When it’s not, you’re apt to feel insecure, ungrounded, and distrusting. The chakra system is a healing one, so if your root chakra needs balancing, there are tried and true ways to do this. For example, certain yoga poses work to balance the root chakra. These include: mountain pose, sukhasana, balasana, malasana, uttanasana, sun salutations, anjaneyasana, bridge pose, warrior II pose, and savasana.

You can also meditate on the mantra LAM, while imagining a red lotus flow appearing at the base of your spine. In addition, practice walking barefoot on the earth when the weather allows. Sit on the ground and feel the green blades of grass between your toes. This grounds you to nature’s healing energy and promotes healing of your precious muladhara chakra. Add more root veggies to your diet. Carrots, beets, parsnips, radishes, onions, and garlic—these are all nutrient-dense foods to help ground you to Mother Earth.

Meditate on the mantra “trust”

During your daily seated meditation practice, why not do some life-affirming, root chakra-opening mantras and affirmations? You can simply place the word “trust” in your third eye and repeat the word to yourself over and over again as you sit in a simple cross-legged pose with your eyes closed and your breath flowing deeply and freely. More mantras that cultivate deep trust and security include: “I am deeply connected to the Cosmos.” “I am rooted to Mother Earth.” “I feel safe and secure.” “I trust myself.” “I trust others.” “I have everything I need.” “I trust life.”

Present moment awareness

So often we don’t trust ourselves or life itself because our minds are constantly recalling past events, and spinning them into regrets. These thoughts might also be worrying about the future, dreaming up scenarios that may not ever really come to fruition. Not being rooted in the present moment is a surefire way to feel unsafe and insecure. Present moment awareness, on the other hand, helps us trust life because, in this present moment, most of us have everything we need.

So, how do we cultivate present moment awareness? We practice some form of yoga each day. We meditate. We tune into our breath. We practice mindfulness. We focus on the task at hand. We pay attention to what’s happening around us with each of our senses. Living in the “now” is highly effective if we want to feel secure again and trust all the processes of life.

Do your yoga

Our personal yoga practice is one of the best ways to feel secure and learn to trust. When we gain mastery over our minds, bodies, and emotions, we begin trusting ourselves. When we decrease stress, we feel so much more secure. Yoga does all this. When we link our movements to our breath, we focus on what we’re doing, which takes us out of our fearful mind and quiets those anxious thoughts that make us feel unsafe and full of mistrust. Our nervous system calms and we feel more peaceful and at ease. Yoga helps us learn to trust again. Our practice cultivates feelings of security and safety. It’s a truly amazing mind-body-soul practice!


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