How To Feel Good In Your Skin As A New Mom And Get Your Self-Esteem Back…

How To Feel Good In Your Skin As A New Mom And Get Your Self-Esteem Back

Giving birth to a new life is the greatest miracle in the world, and for that mothers should be more than proud. However, even with all the love, you feel for your bundle of joy, it’s inevitable to feel insecure about the way you look after delivery. That’s just a phase that every woman goes through when her body transforms slightly in order to house a baby for nine months. Fortunately, you can easily overcome this period in your life and start appreciating your body more if you only acquire a few new habits that will also put you in a positive mindset.

Keep your body fresh

We know it’s not always possible to stay pristine clean when you have a baby who needs diaper changing around the clock and burps all the time among other things, but it’s however essential that you take care of your hygiene. Even though it may seem too strenuous to take a shower when your baby is finally asleep after a long day, you’ll feel much better when you’re fresh and not having baby food stains all over your clothes and quite possibly in your hair. Keeping yourself clean and fresh is just the first step in accepting yourself as a mom who barely has time to eat and let alone do a full night cleaning routine. Wash your hair regularly, instead of loading up with that dry shampoo, and don’t look for excuses to walk around with that messy bun for longer than a week. Your partner can take care of the baby while you dedicate some time to yourself.

Get moving

Finding time for exercise is crucial in order to help you shed that baby weight you’ve put on during pregnancy. If you’ve been active before you had baby, it shouldn’t be too difficult to go back on track. However, make sure you consult with your doctor first, before you engage in strenuous workout. Start with a few-minute stretch each morning to ease the tension in your muscles. Brisk walks down the park, with your baby will fuel you with energy. Bring a stroller and start walking while enjoying the fresh air. Yoga with your baby is another great way to become more active while spending time with the little one at home. Grab your old hula-hoop and work on redefining your waist to its pre-baby form. Instead of doing a 45-minute exercise every day, you can also do a few squats and push-ups each morning and incorporate crunches and sit-ups into your pre-bed routine.

Dress up every day

Yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt could’ve worked for the first two-three weeks post-delivery, but now it’s time for you to inspect your wardrobe and start dressing like before you were a mom. If you go grocery shopping looking like you just got out of bed, you won’t really offer yourself a chance to feel better than a messy mom. Therefore, look into your wardrobe and step out of your comfort zone. Don’t feel blue just because some of your old clothes may not feet anymore, because it’s perfectly okay to wear your maternity wardrobe for a month or so until your baby weight starts to decline. If you don’t feel comfortable in what you already own, donate it and go shopping for new stuff that will make you feel comfortable in your own skin again.

Get a bit of nip and tuck

Sometimes the physical activity isn’t enough to make your body look the way you want. This is especially true for breasts, that once they become saggy, only cosmetic surgery can bring their old shape back. Therefore, if you’ve started feeling self-conscious about your bust ever since you had your baby, don’t hesitate to have a breast lift and even consider implants for a fuller natural look. With breast lift and implants, your cleavage will look much more attractive and your self-esteem will certainly skyrocket the minute you get the desired results. However, you’ll probably want to wait until you stop breastfeeding to have the procedure, just so that you don’t deprive your baby of ever-needed milk and make sure you can spend time carrying the baby around.

Find time for yourself

Even if it seems like mission impossible, you’ll need to make some time for yourself if you want to take care of your mental health on top of your physical. Namely, being preoccupied with baby duty is not good for either you or your little one. A baby needs both parents focused and mentally prepared for future challenges, and unless you take some time off every once in a while, you won’t be able to keep your sanity. Therefore, make sure you let your parents or your partner babysit while you take care of yourself. Whether it’s going outside for a walk, paying a visit to the manicurist or maybe just unwinding with a bubble bath, you’ll need some me-time to regain your mental strength and recharge for the day to come. Both your body and your baby will benefit from an invigorating mom, so do not hesitate a second longer, but feel free to enjoy whatever you like most for some time and you’ll feel a lot better about yourself.

Socialize with other moms

Sharing worries and exchanging thoughts about motherhood will certainly help you feel like less of a mess. Every mom goes through a period in which she feels like she’s not doing a single thing right, which can affect your self-esteem even more. Therefore, make sure you socialize with other moms who can relate to your problems and worries, and you’ll see that it’s only natural for you to feel like your baby deserves more. However, the truth is that both you and your baby are learning how to be there for each other. There’s nothing more natural than being a mother, so let everything come to you naturally, but feel free to ask for help and guidance from more experienced mothers including your own.

Sleep whenever possible

Sleeping probably sounds like an abstract noun right now, but it’s nevertheless vital for your well-being. Lack of sleep can have negative effects on your mental health, so try to get a shut eye every chance you get. They say that every time a baby is asleep, mom should also rest so try to do that whenever possible. Cleaning the house and sorting baby clothes can wait a while, so make sure you take care of yourself and get a wink of sleep after putting your baby down. Even if it’s just a half an hour-long nap it’ll refresh you and keep you going for a few hours after.

Final thoughts

Every new mom struggles to feel good about herself when she’s not looking as good as before she was pregnant. However, you shouldn’t let your figure define you. You’ve just given birth to your little bundle of joy and you should enjoy motherhood instead of feeling bad about those few pounds you put on while growing your baby. Therefore, if you start feeling self-conscious just keep in mind the fact that with a little bit of activity and dressing up you’ll look even better then before pregnancy. Make time for yourself and your little rituals, look for other moms who can share their knowledge and experience, feel free to even go under the knife if you feel like your body just won’t bounce back to its pre-baby shape and you’ll boost your confidence in no time, making you the best mom for your baby.


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