How To Cultivate An Attitude Of Optimism…

How To Cultivate An Attitude Of Optimism

Learning how to cultivate the attitude of optimism is the gateway to your natural state of joy, abundance, love, gratitude, fun, enthusiasm…

For most people, their experience is quite the opposite of their natural state, namely fear, lack, guilt, anger, shame, depression, frustration, disappointment, disillusionment, dissatisfaction…

We learn to become pessimists by projecting the worst-case scenarios into the future. Worse than that is most people believe it’s who they are and they don’t realize it’s only their conditioned mind – it is not who they are. They have subconsciously been confirming this mindset of low energy vibration through the way they think, feel, and act. More than that, they have identified with this personality, which manifests their personal reality. The body has become addicted to these emotions, and therefore subconsciously creates the circumstances to experience these thought and emotion patterns.

In fact, the body has become the mind. To put this in perspective, 95% of the 65000 thoughts you have daily are subconscious, meaning that you are not aware of them. Actually, these are the same thoughts you had yesterday, the week before, the month before, the year before…

With only 5% of conscious thoughts to work with, you can appreciate what you are up against if you want to change. This is why change does not stick. You decide consciously to make a change and succeed for a few days, but before you know it you are back to square one, making the same choices as before the change.

If the body has become the mind, then it makes sense to give the body a new experience enough times so that it integrates a new mind.

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Becoming an optimist

But what does it take so that it sticks and changing to being an optimist becomes sustainable, integrated, and your new normal? To see the world through the lenses of best-case scenarios, see the good in people, expect things to work out for you? It’s easier than you think if you are prepared to do the work. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut – you have to recondition your mind by choosing new ways to think, feel, and act that are in alignment with who you want to become.

In short, you have to change your personality – the way you think, feel, and act – to create a new personal reality. If you can appreciate that the neural networks of your old-self way-of-thinking, feeling, and acting are like highways in your brain, then to create new neural networks representing a new reality is going to take a huge and ongoing effort.

There are a number of reasons why most people don’t follow through and stay the course. The biggest one is that when you venture beyond the comfort zone of your mindset into the unknown, discomfort sets in and you experience thoughts and emotions of fear. When you are not aware of this and don’t expect it, you will pull back into your comfort zone.

However when you are aware of this and expect it, then you will realize that you are indeed changing and will follow through. What that also shows is self-awareness is critical to be able to make new choices of thought, emotion, and action. Without self-awareness, you are unconscious and trapped in the ego-mind of your old-self.

Now add the knowledge that practicing a new state-of-being has scientifically been proven to not only grow new neural networks but it changes your body biologically by signaling new genes. This empowers you to be able to expect a new outcome of a different reality – as you change your internal state your outer world also changes.

Now you have new reasons to practice a new-state-of-being because you know how it works and that adds new meaning to staying the course towards cultivating a new you and a new reality.

So what are the steps to cultivating an attitude of optimism?


Become acutely aware of how you feel as this shows you what your energy vibration is and what you are thinking. The only way you can do that is by being present and bringing your attention back to the present moment. By becoming your own observer, you become aware that you are aware and that is your opening to your essence.

Liberate your self

Liberate yourself from your past and realize that you are not your thoughts, your emotions, words, and actions. You are not your mind. You have thoughts and emotions. You are also not your history. Plus you are not what you do, have or other people’s opinions. Your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions are your Powers of Creation that you have been using to create your life. You have just been using them in a way that is not aligned with what you want.

Embody your essence

Now if you know who you no longer want to be, then what would it be like to be who you really are? What emotions do you want to feel, and what thoughts would you have to think to experience these emotions? What activities and people evoke these elevated emotions? Make sure that you choose the thoughts, emotions, words, actions that represent the Essence of your True Self to practice embodying this State-of-Being.

Plan your experiences

  • Get ahead of your old-self ego-mind by preparing for potentially sticky situations.
  • Think of your day and review past experiences of interactions with the people you are meeting on the day.
  • To avoid negative outcomes in your engagement with people:
  • Refuse to take anything personally and not make it about you.
  • Do not assume anything and ask questions to get clarity.

Acceptance of what is

Life is full of challenges and it is important that when you find yourself in a challenging situation that you pause and come back to the present moment if you find yourself feeling negative emotions about what is happening. Observe the situation to see what is really happening and what your thoughts are telling you about it. Often our default-thinking is from a victim perspective, of feeling dissatisfied and making the situation about us, instead of just seeing it for what it is.

Acceptance of what is is the gateway to peace and presence and having way more fun and freedom in life, versus continuously fighting against everything that is not according to your expectations.

Become addicted to feeling good

Become your own feel-good detective to find the things, people, places, activities that make you feel good. Appreciate and feel grateful for the good that is always around you. Acknowledge everything that makes your life work, your phone, computer, home, bed, hot shower, food, coffee, music…

Be grateful for the air you breathe and feel the Presence of Source in your heart. When you become addicted to feeling good, you continuously raise your energy vibration frequency. This would not only skyrocket your quality of life, but it will also affect the people around you. Refuse to allow anything to upset you. As the saying goes, “Don’t sweat the small stuff. And it’s all small stuff”.


Your energy vibration as a result of your state-of-being drives everything in your life and compels you to create your life by how you think, feel, and act. To create a new reality means you have to change your state-of-being to align with the Essence of Your True Self until it becomes your new normal. This is accomplished by practicing the embodying of this state-of-being, as well as enabling the death of your old self by living in the present moment where the essence of your true self resides.


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