4 Easy Ways To Change Others

Have you ever wanted to change someone? Or hoped they could get it? I mean like, that person who is rude to everyone, dropping passive-aggressive malaise everywhere they go, ruining good moods and spewing anger all over the place? Maybe you haven’t. Maybe it’s just me who wants people to be better and see the bright side of things but if by chance you are anything like me or have ever wished for three wishes to be used on three witches you might want to keep reading. Since my wishes for a genie to grant me three wishes was a fail, I kept searching for a strategy to change people; a strategy to help others to see the light, be happy, let it go, let it go, let it go. And I finally found one. I found one sure fire way to change people, um, I mean, I have found the best way to get people to see things differently. Are you ready?

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1) Leave them be! Stop trying to change others.

People don’t change on a whim. Moods do but not personalities. Who we are at our core only changes when the circumstances of life require it. Death, birth, marriage, financial collapse, sudden tragedy all inspire change; not the preachment of another changed soul. Change is difficult. Not everyone wants to change. No matter the proposed benefit. Let people be!

2) Focus on you. Seriously. Do you. Be a role model.

Live your life in a way that allows people to see the benefits of whatever mindset shift you are trying to promote. It’s more effective and sustainable in small doses. Focusing on you getting it right. Let your life be an example that inspires others. You can’t be an example if you spend all of your time trying to convince others. You have got to be in the race with people, struggling, falling and getting back up, making missteps and learning from those missteps.  The best way to convince anyone of anything is to be an example of the results they are seeking.

The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion. – Paulo Coelho

3) Extend grace to others as they adjust to who you are becoming.

There is nothing worse than a sanctimonious do-gooder, holier-than-thou jerk telling you to be better. Maybe this is just me again but they make me want to do bad things like curse just to get them riled up. I need maximum mental restraint when I am around those types of do-gooders because they are deluding the message.  You can’t be an asshole and expect people to believe that your way is better or that you are happier. If the thing you’re doing that is supposed to be so good makes you look down your nose at others, I would challenge the goodness of said thing.

Extend grace often and freely. In fact, grace comes before the ask.

4) One way to change others.

I know I just shared three tips but here is the one strategy that works without fail, be an influencer.


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