How To Be Peaceful When Others Are Creating Fear…

How To Be Peaceful When Others Are Creating Fear

Right now we have a lot of fear mongering going on. There’s are lots of people saying this person is doing this, or that person is saying this… and it’s all about creating fear. And I have found that the public is not handling this fear well…and they are starting to lose it. The reality is no matter what happens we can have great peace…I know that for sure.

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Here is a 5 Step Process

  1. One of the best forms of spreading love is to pray for peace. Send love to everyone including those who you might call your enemies. If we have anger towards anyone that anger is created by fear. So, let go of that anger and fear and spread love and pray.
  2. I had a young lady connect with me yesterday who has had a long history of mental illness. She used to meditate when she was in her early twenties. And because she saw my video about meditation she decided to give meditation another try. And low and behold, she felt so much better… like a whole new person. And I told her to keep her meditation practice going. It’s a process and you never attain any great ability…you just understand yourself more. And she is now meditating every single day – twice a day.
  3. I have seen people going crazy surfing the internet. And I have found that a lot of what’s out there on the internet is false information. Even the heads of medical journals have come out and said that more than half of all medical research is false information. So, it’s super important to put your smartphone down, shut off your computer…and start living a simpler life.
  4. It’s so easy to allow our mind to wander to terrible things and this leads to stress. I have a client in on the eastern seaboard who is constantly thinking the worst… and of course, he can’t sleep at night. But he is slowly coming around… starting to see good in things that he does and others do. It’s not easy, the world wants to pull us into a downward spiral of negative thinking. But we have to keep moving forward and not allow that negative thinking to take over and create fear.
  5. This is the most important thing of all. If we fill our minds with negativity what do you think will grow…more negativity. But if we keep our mind filled with love what do you think will grow…more love. What kind of garden do you want to grow in your mind? A garden full of fear with things that sting and bite. Or do you want beautiful flowers to grow in the garden of your mind? It’s a choice, a very big choice, and we all have to decide what we want to do…and make a commitment.

Center Yourself—Be At Peace!


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