How To Be An Alchemist For Manifesting Golden Opportunities…

How To Be An Alchemist For Manifesting Golden Opportunities

You can alchemize your life with these simple principles.

I want you to ask yourself: Are You a Positive being?

Don’t worry, I’m not here to judge. In fact, when I asked myself this same question, I had to be honest with myself. I wasn’t positive. In fact, I wasn’t positive for many years. There are shards of shattered mirrors out there in the world that can speak to that testament. I didn’t like myself or my reflection for a long time. In fact, my life resume includes a time when I lived through shame and self-doubt, weighed down by the negativity I generated through my own thought processes.

“Am I good enough?”

“Am I worthy enough for positive things to happen to me?”

Neural grooves well-traveled are hard to unrail. Not to mention that I was born under the influence of a lot of astrological air energy, (the majority of my chart is Libra and Gemini) the mental qualities of life. In my own astrological detriment, trapped in negative thinking about myself and life. Negative thoughts weighed me down for a long time, long enough for me to develop bad habits of self-loathing which stopped me from taking risks in things, because I thought I might fail. Eventually, life said, “Come on now, child”, and told me to get my head out of the way.

“Stop taking yourself so seriously and get the Lead out, lady!  Put the pedal to the metal and move forward into a better future”.

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Shining like gold

Over time, I became aware of the metaphysical understanding that I needed to shift my own heavy negative thought processes out of my life and begin to lighten up. Under this mode of new consciousness, the periodic table of elements flashed before my eyes. Developed in 1869 by Russian chemist Dimitri Mendeleev, the periodic table of elements lifted her skirt to provide me a glimpse through metaphysical eyes into a juicy world ripe enough to manifest golden opportunities of self-healing.

The periodic table gave me insight into life in a way I never thought possible. Two common metals, Lead and Gold, revealed healing on both a practical and spiritual level. In the body, lead acts as a neurotoxin damaging the nervous system, causing brain damage and behavioral problems. On the other hand, gold is often used for shiny new teeth in tooth restoration and certain gold salts are still used in medicine because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Being an alchemist

In metaphysical medicine, clearing out the heavy metal of old and outdated patterns, habits, beliefs, and energies that run through you is required to make room for your inner brilliance and illumination of the precious golden divine light to shine through. This is the work of an alchemist: TRANSFORMATION. The world of alchemy involves the power of transforming something in a mysterious way. In terms of chemical alchemy, it is changing base metals like lead into gold. In spiritual alchemy, it moves us from being stuck in matter to being free in spirit.

As we move from Lead to Gold, we spiritually evolve through matter by increasing our self-awareness. Just remember, science and spirituality often say the same thing, but use different language. If you feel like a deadbeat with low self-confidence, doubt, inner shame, and self-loathing, take a lesson from science and “get the Lead out”!

Yes, Lead is the dead weight of past hurts, ideas, false beliefs, and faulty consciousness.

Move into Gold, a relatively rare element and for that reason a precious metal. Considering yourself precious is as natural as the elements.

What is fun to know as a scientific spiritualist, is that the electrons on gold experience a lot more attractive positive force compared to the electrons on lead. So, while there is an atomic reason gold is lighter than lead, it allows me to say it’s in your scientific nature to shine like the positive precious gold you are! Love all your golden qualities!

Here are three practical ways to move Lead out of your system and shine like Gold:

Stop hooking yourself with the lies you tell yourself!

You can manifest golden opportunities just by alchemizing the way you live.

Sometimes your “truths” are mere illusions. We often tell ourselves things we believe as true for us that are really false beliefs. Change your “truths” by writing down and saying out-loud new affirmative statements called affirmations. You can start with affirmations slowly and safely, and you can build on them over time. Plus, I know the medical power they have to recreate neural pathways.

Changing your self speak through affirmations gives more fuel to power your new mental thoughts, followed by new actions to living life. If you are mired down in the weight of Lead to say, “I’m not worth it”, then you won’t try taking that risk to become that new person. What if, “YOU are worth it?!”

Dive deep into the sea of the subconscious!

I am a firm believer in hypnotherapy because I’ve used it and I’ve seen my patients use it. During hypnosis, the rational mind moves out of the way and we go straight into the subconscious mind. It’s there that all of our programming runs on default and we plod along like a computer with a faulty hard drive. Time to download new information! Release the old and bring in the new.

My first time with hypnotherapy, I had to release a lot of negative energy that my brain interpreted as Lead. I visualized literal dark metal pieces made into bombs, bullets, metal traps, and saw them move out of me. It took several sessions to move them all out of me. But once they were out, I visually converted them into black clouds that I could then blow away. I came out lighter and with a new appreciation for me. It’s all good, my shine, the Gold. I was a lighter element.

Throw that crab back to sea. Self-love is not selfish!

Be selfish! Not the kind of ego-based selfishness that breeds more hate and disdain for others, through narcissism and greed, but the kind where you say yes to yourself. You are an awesome person and you know it! If something benefits you and your development, then do it.

Buy yourself fresh flowers. Buy yourself the new book you’ve been longing to read. Go back to school. Make yourself a nice dinner. Spend quality time with yourself writing in a journal. Do things that make YOU happy and comfortable. I suggest you live your life as if you have already achieved your goals and do not allow obstacles to derail your progress. Obstacles are there, just as Lead exists on the periodic table of elements, for a reason. They are provided by life as the material you can use as tools to learn to overcome negativity, learn to help yourself, and lighten up into the positive, helpful, loving heart of Gold you are.

Don’t bond yourself to your history. Life is meant to catalyze you into new ways of living! Chemistry is science in motion, alchemy is spirit in motion. Be moved into a lighter element and shine with a heart of gold to manifest your truest desires.


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