How The False Feminine Is Hurting You…

How The False Feminine Is Hurting You

The false feminine explains how your unresolved issues are causing your struggle, stunting your growth and leading you to make choices that are out of integrity with your true self.

“Most problems that you’re dealing with in your life are really not about what you think they’re about, they have a hidden agenda, that agenda is to keep you small and safe.” — Dr. Hendricks

The Rose. The rose is the cosmological symbol of the Divine Woman. The way that Creator sees all women is as the Rose, the highest frequency of all flowers, Divinely perfect with unparalleled beauty and fierce thorns that can protect her creations and her values.

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Getting Real

Do you always see yourself that way? Do you see other women that way? Remember yourself as a young girl. An immaculate creation from the Universe, and also the growing seed of your mother and father. Every child comes into this world already loving, already happy, shimmering of the divine light and connection to their Creative Life Force. But something happens as soon as that child is born — she is born into a collective hive mind of beliefs that can form her identity if pushed on to her.

Our natural way of being in the world is free, playful, creative, innocent, secure, and loving without condition. Yet we can feel shut off from our true nature due to the many beliefs that come from a fear-based way of seeing the world. The fears of the collective hive mind squeezes us into small and safe boxes, teaching us how to think, how to feel, how to look, and how to connect to each other. As a society, our inability to get along with one another, live in harmony, and sustain a thriving life, is the result of this false matrix of dogma and limitation.

From a metaphysical point of view, the false matrix is the reason why far too many women grow up with body image issues, damaged self-esteem, relationship breakdowns, hormonal problems, sexual abuse, a sense of powerlessness, collective burden of being a woman, needless struggle and financial lack. This wouldn’t be the case if she was educated about her life force, the Goddess force within her.

Without a full connection to her inner Goddess, a woman grows bitter. A woman is not meant to wilt under the weight of opinions and beliefs of others; she is meant to rise and blossom with other roses. Today, we live in a culture that I call the “dominant field”, an old patriarchal paradigm that doesn’t know how to take care of a rose garden and is, therefore, missing out on the immense beauty and inspiration of what life could be. If you are a woman who has found this article, then you are likely a woman who has known deep within herself that something is seemingly off with the world. If so, that’s the whisper of your intuition alerting you that it’s time to go deeper and find out how you can overcome life’s challenges and get on track with your flourishing.

What is the One Thing that Stops most Women in Their Tracks?

The false feminine. It is our internal resistance based on the fears that we have adopted from our environmental conditioning. This resistance can trick you into thinking it’s helpful by showing you a lighter side to self-sacrifice.

It comes from centuries of justifying, complying with and co-creating the wound of separation from our connection to the Universal Womb where all life comes from. The false feminine matrix comprises some of the greatest subconscious patterns of suffering in people today. It can keep people in a place of resistance from living our dreams and ascending into pure love and unity— our truest, most enjoyable and abundant nature. Another way to say this is that the condition of the mind is designed to work against being true to our personal path of freedom and creation. The true self can have it all and be fully aware of itself as a creative being of infinite potential: the God and Goddess realized in physical form.

However, this takes a conscious commitment, a revolutionary choice, to right the wrong of causing harm and realize Creator within yourself. Because the false matrix is incredibly intelligent, it is fully astute and aware of the function of the human mind, so it preys on our weaknesses, causing confusion and restraint on our evolutionary progress. The false feminine lives among the blind spots of our energy system, where it normally goes undetected. Most are largely unaware of its influence until you’ve caught yourself in a familiar cycle of struggle.

That’s why many feel the call to rise — the soul urging you to listen to your heart’s voice and take inspired action like never before. The selfish agenda of the mind to stay put and comfortable is essentially keeping our collective growth on lock-down. The way to address this is to do so holistically, where the source of the separation can be healed and the Goddess can come alive within a woman. Without proper education, the subconscious mind can keep it’s agreements with the false feminine until you have that “Aha!” moment that sets your free. You do not have to wait for your liberation when you are willing to take the higher path of true Love and Light.

Your destiny is to embody the Rose.

Living in Divine balance with your masculine and feminine energies and embodying the Divine Creation flow of a woman. If you are willing to answer the call of your Soul and flourish — know that you can and you are made too. Your soul has longed for this opportunity long enough, now is the time to embark on the greatest journey of your life!


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