How Laughing More Can Help You Live Longer…

How Laughing More Can Help You Live Longer

There is much news going around at the moment of how the key to healthy living is about the food that you eat and the exercise that you do. However, one of the main aspects that isn’t as regularly discussed is the matter of self-care, which can be just as important. Managing stress can easily be controlled by one’s laughter and their sense of humour. Staying stress-free daily and witnessing less stress can have a great effect on how long you live.

Laughing to live

The nature of laughing provides a stress-free sensation to us as human beings and therefore provides us with a platform to deal with the stumbling blocks along our way. Expressing laughter can help to change a mood instantly, therefore making an extremely stressful situation appear not so bad. There’s scientific evidence to suggest that laughter can help with fighting disease and staying mentally strong.

How can laughter help you?

Endorphins in the brain are released whenever you laugh. These are hormones that naturally occur each time you laugh and make you instantly feel good. This can turn any stressful situation that you’re in flip around into a good one and it can make it easier to manage the stress that you might be feeling at the time. For a human, being able to laugh or make someone laugh is a great characteristic to have as it can help to empower yourself and others.

Another great benefit of laughter is that it’s actually great exercise too. Laughing can help to work many muscles in the body, providing physical benefits as well as the psychological benefits. The muscles work in particular are the diaphragm, abdominals and lungs. It also has the same attributes as exercising, as it can lower your blood pressure and raise your heart rate.

It’s important to find ways to laugh

There are suggested scientific evidence that laughter can have the power to help you live longer. If you feel as though you’re getting caught up in situations where stress is overpowering you and making it difficult to enjoy yourself, consider surrounding yourself in situations that can help you to laugh.

Looking at situations from a humorous perspective can be relatively easy, it’s just about learning how to see the funny side of things. You can go to the extent of watching comedy films and programs or just surrounding yourself around people that you may find hilarious. There seems to be so much seriousness around lately that laughter is rarely thought about. However, the benefits of laughter are positive and therefore should be considered as something we strive to do to enjoy life.


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