How I Changed The Paradigm That Imprisoned My Mind And My Life…

How I Changed The Paradigm That Imprisoned My Mind And My Life

To ‘change your paradigm’ is simple to understand and yet not easy to implement. Why? Because it’s hard work and most people become addicted to the unresourceful states and numb to the life they create. In short, it becomes a comfort zone, albeit it being miserable. But, if you can decide to do take it head-on, then you are halfway there.

I read the book “Building a StoryBrand” by Donald Miller who uses the structure of stories to clarify a business marketing message, to sort out mine and help my clients with theirs. Donald Miller talks about the villain that stands in the way of the hero’s success, causing serious threatening problems on different levels. The hero then meets a guide who gives her a plan to slay the villain, avoid failure, and eventually win the day.

And that made me think of Morgana Rae’s book, “Financial Alchemy” where she uses the metaphor of the Money Monster that’s in the way of our abundance and prosperity.

Bringing them together…

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The monster

The villain in our life is our old paradigm – our thoughts of the Old Self, the person of the past and the personality of that Old Self. The Old Self entertains and identifies with these thoughts that created the life what we don’t want and is like the Monster in a Halloween movie. And he is standing between you and everything that you desire.

This causes problems in our life. The problems of not making the money we need, the clients we want, the career, the relationships, the health we want. The more we tolerate this villain, the more it imprisons us as the Law of Attraction brings us experiences to confirm the old beliefs. And it keeps us stuck because we see our problems through the eyes of our old paradigm as a huge monster. The fact that it is much bigger than us comes from childhood. When we were small, the conflict and trauma around us seemed like this huge monster that threatened our very survival.

Today we still see that villain, that monster as huge, imprisoning us into a paradigm and life we cannot stand. You feel powerless because you know that you are more than this, you are destined for greatness and yet no matter how hard you try, you stay in the same place. That huge monster is the gatekeeper blocking your dreams and he stands there with that mean smile on his face knowing that he has you right where he wants you. You are going nowhere – you belong to him.

But do you know what? You are not small anymore. You are big – you are now in the position to get rid of that thing. But first, you have to get emotionally bigger too.

Get beyond your fear

You have to get beyond your fear and to do that you need to get really angry. No, not just angry, you need to get into a total rage! Moving beyond reason and doubt! That is what happened to me. I got so enraged at this miserable creature that has caused so much misery and hurt and fear and loss in my life. And I knew that it would come back and back unless I kill it! And so I did. I saw how I, as a little girl was standing in front of my parents and they too were quivering with fear over this monster blocking the door with his bulk and mean demeanor.

I felt such compassion for my parents and so enraged that suddenly I grew big and I took a laser gun and blew it up and I saw it melt away – skin sliding off of him turning into a skeleton and then there was nothing! Gone! I killed it! I obliterated it!

I was free! So what now? What would take the place of the monster?

Possibility saves the day

The next moment, Possibility walked in through the door. And like magic, everything around me changed into brightness and color and bird song and sweet smells in the air. My jaw dropped at seeing her magnificence and beauty and love and she is smiling at me. She’s pure love and pure abundance. She’s in my heart!

“Where have you been”, I asked. “I’ve been here all the time, you just did not see me.” “Well, I can see you now. Clearly. Don’t ever go away again, please? Will you stay? What do you need from me to stay?”

“Just think of me, call me, spend time with me. Real-time. As in ten to fifteen minutes every day. Several times preferably.”

Through her eyes, I see the world I dream of – a world of no limitation. It’s bliss! It feels amazing. I am free to create the life I desire and choose.

The monster still tries to resurrect himself and I kill it again and again. Thankfully, it gets easier and easier. I now sense a mile away when it wants to stir into life grabbing on to a self-doubt-thought and I put it out of its misery instantly. And immediately take the hand of my New Self, living happily ever after.


First of all, you are all energy and how you think and feel indicates your energy vibration frequency. When you feel good, your energy vibration is high and when you don’t, your energy vibration is low. The Law of Attraction responds to the energy vibration of your thoughts and emotions by attracting to you, experiences that match your energy vibration. Thoughts become things.

Your old paradigm gets triggered into feeling self-doubt, fear, etc. and causes you to respond from that emotion, and that have consequences. Your old paradigm runs on auto-pilot in your subconscious mind and the only way you know how that is working is by being aware of how you feel. You have about 65,000 thoughts a day of which 95% are subconscious. Your body is the expression of your subconscious mind.

To change this is to become acutely aware of how you feel and to practice to think differently about the triggers so that you feel differently and that you respond differently with different consequences. In essence, you have to train your subconscious mind to accept a different paradigm and the best way is to give your body a new experience. In doing that you are becoming a new person embodying a new set of beliefs that result in a new personality and way-of-being.

You do this with your imagination. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Practice this new way of being until it becomes you. Although this sounds simple enough, it is not easy. You have to make the DECISION to take charge of your mind and change your paradigm. You have to have a burning obsession to become the person you aspire to BE so that you can Do and Have what you desire.


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