How Do We Find Joy In A World Full Of Suffering?…

How Do We Find Joy In A World Full Of Suffering?

There is so much of suffering in this world that it is hard to find any joy in it. Most people struggle with the suffering around them, often trying to seek joy by indulging in more and more material possessions.

However, fundamentally, material happiness is transient and entirely reliant on external circumstances. The joy we experience in things we purchase is so short-lived, that very soon we grow tired of them and are off to buy something else. Buying the new latest phone may bring some joy but only until another new version is released or you see a better phone in the hands of your friend. This pattern of discontented behavior reflects our unfulfilled cycle of joy which in itself causes immense suffering.

What can one do to source some happiness in a world which is dominated by suffering?

Serve others. Bringing a smile on someone’s face undoubtedly brings a smile on our face too!

1. Make a difference to this state of the world by helping others

a. Have a strong will to help in whatever way possible.

b. Offer to help the old, sick and the needy.

c. Contribute to charities or indulge in charitable work.

2. Do your utmost to not hurt any living being through your mind, deed or speech.

3. Share what you have with you in present and you enjoy it too, without worrying for what you don’t have, or inviting suffering by constant imagination of what you could be having.

And if you want to find permanent happiness, find out who you really are!!

This world is trapped in the well of suffering; but do you know what the real cause of suffering is?

This suffering stems from the ignorance of the Self.

Spiritual science explains that we have lived through millions of lives and have reincarnated in different life forms. The reason we have had to suffer such endless wanderings is because we have not known our true identity; we have not known the answer to, Who Am I?” We have always believed our name to be the one given at birth and as a result, have behaved accordingly. However, in reality, we are not that. The belief that “I am John (the reader may insert his own name here)” is wrong and it is the root cause of all suffering. Because of this wrong belief, we have been wandering from one life to another and have spent countless of our lives oblivious to our real identity.

This false imposition of ‘I am John’ on the Self is due to our ignorance of Self, that leads to attachment and abhorrence in everything we think or do, and thereby brings forth suffering in the form of inner restlessness, worries, misery, and discontentment. Only Gnan (the real knowledge) can cure this suffering. There is actually no other remedy.

The real joy flows from the real knowledge of the Self.

Only when we realize the answer to the question “Who am I?” does our wrong belief of ‘I am John’ stop. For this, we need to find Gnani Purush, the Enlightened One, who can bestow the experiential knowledge of really ‘I am Pure Soul’ upon us and end the series of endless reincarnations that we have gone through.

Saints can give happiness at the worldly level, whereas Gnani Purush gives us Atma-Gnan (Self-Realization) that removes the ignorance of Self and yields permanent bliss, which is the true nature of the Soul. This Gnan insulates us from suffering.

Through Akram Vignan, the step-less path of spiritual science, it is possible to attain Atma-Gnan from the Living Gnani, without renouncing the world!!

We can live with wife and children, do whatever we wish, go to the cinema and watch movies, wear beautiful clothes and get children married, etc. and attain Atma-Gnan (Self-Realization), while living the worldly life and fulfilling all our parental, marital and other duties.

After Self-Realization, one’s whole perception to see the world changes and with it our priorities change completely. Things that mattered to us greatly, no more have the same meaning then. From the day we experience the Pure Soul, we daily remain only in Satsang (Sat = absolute truth, Sang= association), for we have tasted the nature of Self and found sweetness in it. The priority now remains to stay with Gnani and following His words, increase the awareness of our real Self more and more, such that we experience inner bliss even amidst this world full of suffering.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an enlightened being has cited:

“True peaceful state is that when one has inner peace amidst total lack of peace on the outside. Samadhi (Bliss of the Self) amidst external turmoil is the ‘tested’ samadhi”.

Akram Vignan is for one who has tried everything but has not found joy in this world full of suffering!

The science of Akram Gnan is the inner science and it is permanent. You begin to experience freedom from all worldly miseries and you become instrumental for others to experience the same bliss too. The Gnani gives you the experience of the permanent Self (i.e. the Soul) and thus helps you find permanent joy in this world of suffering.


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