Self-Limiting Beliefs: What Are They and How Do You Change Them?…

Self-Limiting Beliefs: What Are They and How Do You Change Them?


Self-limiting beliefs are beliefs you hold to be true about yourself. They are the thoughts and stories you keep telling yourself over and over again. They are those niggly fears and doubts that fill you with fear and worry. Any thought pattern that is holding you back from creating the life you truly want to live could be an underlying limiting belief that you need to get to the bottom of.

It has now been proven, thanks to quantum physics, that what we focus on expands and manifests. Unfortunately, these pesky beliefs get so stuck in our minds, our reality starts to reflect this. The more you focus on these beliefs the more evidence that supports this belief WILL show up in your life.

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So Where Do They Come From?

Often, limiting beliefs stem from childhood. They can be attitudes or sayings passed down from generations and repeated by our parents so we too take on this belief. Some examples include, “What goes around comes around”, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”, “No pain, no gain”, “You have to have an education to succeed in life”, “We can’t afford it/life is too expensive”, “It’s my way or the highway”, “Rich people are just lucky”.

These may seem like harmless sayings or passing comments but they’re often so prevalent in our homes and society growing up, it’s no wonder these sayings can shape our beliefs. Then you have the self-depreciating beliefs that you have picked up along the way. There’s often an event, action or passing comment from a parent or friend that has stuck with us. Although we might not realize it, this rolls into adulthood because we subconsciously dwell on it so much.

Any negative patterns that keep happening in your life, can potentially be associated with a belief behind them that you hold to be true about yourself. Self-depreciating beliefs are the ones that make you feel that you’re not good enough.

  • I don’t deserve it
  • I’ll never lose weight
  • I’ll never find a nice man/women
  • There isn’t enough time/money/(insert resource here)
  • I don’t have the skills/education to do….
  • People will judge me if I do that
  • I can’t because I have kids/injury/other responsibilities

We are often unaware that we are creating resistance in certain areas. But if you were to ask yourself what you really, truly want out of life and then ask yourself the reason you haven’t achieved it, limiting beliefs could very well be a factor! Only you are stopping yourself from creating new positive patterns in your life. Your beliefs are not your truth, they are not your identity, they are not facts and they CAN be changed!

How to Remove Limiting Beliefs

So how do we get rid of these pesky beliefs that shape our reality? Self-limiting beliefs are usually stuck away in the areas where you feel like you’re not achieving or areas where you are consistently getting results that you don’t want!

You need to become aware. The first step is to identify.

  • Identify the area/s in your life where you keep seeing negative patterns.
  • Identify the repetitive thoughts in this area/s.
  • Identify what this thought pattern is doing to your life.
  • Where does it come from? Why do you believe this?
  • Identify the thoughts you would like to change.

Set an intention to tell yourself a new story around this belief! Every self-limiting belief is just a story you are telling yourself! The good thing is you CAN tell yourself a new one! Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is fact and what is fiction, which is why visualization works so well, so the easiest way to eliminate these old thoughts is to create a new story for yourself and repeat it until your reality starts to reflect that new belief.

Take the focus off the old habit/thought/behavior and shift the awareness to this new story. Becoming consciously aware of your inner dialogue is essential. As you begin to recognize the conversations you are having with yourself you can begin to interrupt these negative thought patterns as they pop up. Repetition is key!

Think about how your life will be different with this new thought pattern. How will you look, feel, act? Embody that vision and use that as your motivation! Creating a new story and thought pattern is essentially rewiring your brain and it can be extremely challenging to change the belief system we have carried with us for so long! As with any transformation, physical or mental, it can be confronting and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight but when you change your beliefs about yourself, you change your reality.

When you prove to yourself that these empowering new beliefs are your TRUTH, you begin to give yourself that loving perspective that you deserve and you recognize your unique and wonderful gifts. We are responsible for our own mindset and our beliefs and thoughts will always reflect our reality. Take control of your thoughts; take control of your life!


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