How Can We Increase The Working Power Of Our Mind And Make It Disease Free?…

How Can We Increase The Working Power Of Our Mind And Make It Disease Free?

The body and mind are closely connected with each other and therefore they need to work together to bring about full efficiency in anything we do. So here are a few ways how we can increase the working power of our mind and make it fresh and disease-free:

A healthy body gives strength, stability, and clarity to mind and keeps it fresh, lively and alert.

The following activities not only keep our body fit, but also ward off depression, elevate the mood and help brisk thinking. Therefore:

1. Exercise daily. Do yoga and pranayam.

2. Take a morning walk for 20-30 minutes.

3. Breathe fresh air.

4. Get good sunlight.

5. Sleep well. A well-rested mind is able to perform with much better speed and efficiency.

6. Drink plenty of water.

7. Eat well and eat healthy. Avoid intake of tobacco, gutka, pan masala, etc., it is a myth that these help the mind in any way.

8. Play outdoor and indoor games.

9. Practice discipline and normality in your daily routine.

A sharp mind is able to figure out problems with clarity and it helps make wise and timely decisions. To clear the fog of exhaustion that clouds our mental abilities:

10. Practice concentration. Chant the name of God you believe in; but while you chant, make it a practice to see each letter of the words you chant with your closed eyes. This clears the impurities that get in way of a clear mind, and thus helps you focus, concentrate and grasp things speedily.

11. Maintain a learning attitude. Keep learning throughout life. Don’t let the student inside you ever die

12. Try multitasking. Indulge in activities that demand doing multiple things at a time, to the extent you can manage well.

A jumpy, sleepy, negative or angry mind drags us behind in life. Practicing the following results in a balanced mind:

13. Discipline your mind. Running after 5 sense pleasures weakens the mind. Make a healthy use of technology. Over-usage of mobile, internet and other gadgets paralyzes the mind.

14. Align your thoughts, words, and actions such that they always flow in one i.e. the right direction.

15. Be positive. Positivity is our friend and negativity a foe.

• Make an effort to see positive in everyone and everything.

• Encourage positivity in and around you.

• Do not be judgemental about everything; if it is a must, give judgment in favor of positive.

• Do not criticize anyone – be it people, things or situations, this results in good peace of mind

• Do not complaint about anything. Adopt the principle of ‘Adjust Everywhere’ and you will have a smooth sailing wherever you go.

• Do not keep bad company. Keep a strong mind and avoid bad company.

16. Give happiness to others. Take good care of your family and your loved ones. When you give happiness, you get happiness. And a happy mind is always a fresh and powerful mind.

17. Volunteer to help people. Keep a strong intention to selflessly help everyone you meet, without any greed for name, fame or recognition, and see how this energizes your mind!

18. Never hurt anyone. Maintain a constant internal intent to never cause hurt to any living being through your thoughts, words or actions. This will keep your mind disease-free.

19. Practice seeing God i.e. the Pure Soul, within every living being that you see -in people of course, but also in trees, plants, birds, insects, etc. This is the one force that connects us with the entire world!!

20. Sit with your Self. Do not think about anything; just observe what is happening within.

21. Meditate. Meditation clears off the unnecessary clutter inside, and thereby increases the working power of our mind. It cuts down all stress and gives our mind due rest.

The Ultimate Meditation:

The ultimate meditation is the powerhouse; in the presence of which our mind functions at its best, remains ever-fresh, never contracts any disease and is always at complete ease. The ultimate meditation happens when we are in awareness of the Soul with all its properties, in the moment.

The Soul is our real Self and it has various properties, the four main ones being infinite knowledge, infinite vision, infinite power, and infinite bliss! It is only after Self-Realization (when we realize, I am indeed a Pure Soul), that the ultimate meditation becomes possible.

Until our mind gets irritated at the slightest instigation, it is not said to have come under our control and such mind has very limited working power. It is only when Gnani, whose Soul is enlightened and has the power to enlighten others’ Soul, bestows the knowledge of the Soul – the knowledge of our real Self upon us (Self-Realization), that we cease to become one with our mind.

Therefore, Self-Realization is the key! And for that, we ought to meet Gnani, without whose grace, we can’t know our real Self, and remain separate from our mind, to enhance the working power of mind!!!


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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