9 Ways To Truly Develop Positive Thoughts…

9 Ways To Truly Develop Positive Thoughts

When you see a rosebud, a bloomed lotus, a drop of rain on a jasmine flower, a smiling new-born baby, a 2-week-old small puppy, or a cancer survivor with 100% strength, it brings an instant smile to your face and graces you with positivity, isn’t it? One naturally gets filled up with positivity when you come in contact with those radiating positivity. This is an instant reaction that happens!

Hence, to follow the positive thought pattern:

  1. Be in touch with the positive.
  2. Become positive.

Or in other words, take in positivity and give out positivity. Simple! Here are some tips that may help you get there.

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1) Appreciate everyone!

Appreciate your mother for preparing your favorite dish; your father for taking you on holiday. Say thank you to your friend for all his help. Congratulate your sister for passing her exams and give her a nice little gift. Say ‘thanks’ to waiters and bus conductors for rendering your service. Follow this positive thought pattern, and you’ll see the wonders it can do for your life! When you share your appreciation with anyone you meet, you instantly get satisfaction and happiness inside, which automatically gets transferred to people outside.

2) Everyone makes mistakes. So let’s learn to accept and forgive them now

If any person makes a mistake, don’t get angry. Instead, look at the person’s positive qualities. You can even help the person in whatever way you can. Remember, we ourselves have made so many mistakes in our life. And our parents, friends, relatives, and colleagues have forgiven us so easily. So, let’s follow this positive thought pattern and learn to accept and forgive people in life. You can even pray for the person so that he/she comes out of the mistake.

3) Show ‘No Entry’ board to our ‘Tit for Tat’ attitude

Our negativity is because of our ‘wrong intellect’. Furthermore, its nature is such that it rapidly multiplies and soon becomes a big obstacle. People then begin to send negative vibes to us, and we, in turn, send those vibes back to them. If our friend tells us, “You are a lazy bone”, we would tell him back, “You are a sick, paranoid person”.

What did we gain out of it? This is a ‘Tit for Tat’ cycle, which will never end. Positivity alone can end this cycle. Therefore, decide to follow the positive thought pattern henceforth. Do not say anything hurtful or negative to anyone. Instead, appreciate their good qualities whenever possible. This brings inner peace and binds good karmas, whereas negativity will bind bad karmas, which you will have to bear for the next life!

4) Allow your home to remain a beautiful garden

Every home has unique and different personalities that come together. These personalities must knit with each other in a peaceful manner, for all belong to one family. One may have to adjust and let go of certain things. But most important is to feel positive about the different natures. In a beautiful garden there are all sorts of plants and flowers – some are roses, some daffodils, some hibiscus, some cacti. They all live together in a peaceful manner, don’t they? A rose has tiny thorns. If you complain about the thorns, who will be at loss? Only you.

However, if you learn how to pick the rose by avoiding the thorns, you win! Hence, always follow the positive thought pattern – do not let the rose go because of the thorns and appreciate the thorns as well!

5) Read a positive book

Negativity is very contagious. If negativity surrounds you, you too may become negative very soon. So, to break this cycle, show courage and disconnect from the negative surrounding. Make a firm resolve: ‘ No more sorrow, grief, resentment, negativity, or sadness in my life!’ Adopt positive thinking instead.

Start reading books and stories, and visit websites that promote positivity.

Here is a couple of them:

“Any good thing will be ruined by talking negatively about it; similarly bad thing will improve by speaking positive about it.”

“No one should be hurt in the slightest’ – such should be one’s egoism. That is a ‘positive’ ego.” – Param Pujya Dada Bhagwans

6) See noble and be noble

When you see someone’s noble character, who, for the sake of other’s happiness, happily gives away his own belongings to others without any hesitation, let it inspire you. Watch out for the nobility in others, and you will soon find yourself on the path to positivity.

7) Count what you have!

Positivity brings peace, while negativity brings only suffering. This is the reason why the Lord preaches to keep our eyes on what we have rather than bring tears in our eyes, thinking of what we don’t have. Adopting this positive thought pattern can turn every situation into a positive one.

8) Practice patience and endurance

Read stories of how great saints displayed extraordinary patience and endurance and ultimately won over the negative forces with their love and positivity. These true stories inspire us to follow the same positive thought pattern and rise upwards in our development.

9) While you strive to maintain smooth interactions outside, keep your heart clean and positive inside

Many times, we choose not to speak negatively as we do not want to confront or fight with the other person. But inside, our thought pattern is highly negative. We keep getting irritated and also develop abhorrence for that person. This is not good! All your external efforts go down the drain when your internal vibrations are not the same. Hence, inculcate a pure inner intent: “I do not want to have any conflict with the other person, not even in my thoughts. Whatever he/she says is perfectly acceptable to me, from within as well.” Have a firm determination that “I want to follow positive thought patterns only.”


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