How Can Gardening Boost Your Well-Being…

How Can Gardening Boost Your Well-Being

We are constantly searching for mindfulness, for rest and relaxation. In our modern, busy lives a need for some time dedicated to our wellbeing is rarely fulfilled. That’s why it’s best to get back to our roots. Or, rather, roots in general. Gardening can be one of the best activities you can do to soothe your mind and relax your body.

Namely, a pivotal moment in the development of humanity was agriculture, i.e. the growing and tending of living things. And so gardening is quite similar, practically the same. It’s part of our genetic code almost, and it can be wonderfully therapeutic if implemented properly. Below you can find out just how, and why, gardening is so beneficial.

Does wonders for stress

Stress is the deadliest killer in modernized, first world countries. Even things like obesity are exacerbated by stress. So its good to know that a simple and relatively inexpensive hobby like gardening can alleviate it. We all know just how bad stress can be for your body, and gardening can get that into check.

First of all, you’re in the fresh air, mostly in the sun (hopefully with some protection on). You are not staring at the screen, you’re not thinking about a million things. All you are doing is taking care of your garden, working on it, watching things grow, in a way, creating life. And of course, the rewards are wonderful. You see something you worked so hard at being birthed almost right before your very eyes.

It brings you closer to nature

Above all, working in your heals the rift that has occurred, that exists between modern man and nature. It’s pretty much a cliché now to say that people who spend time in nature feel better in almost every way. However, it’s a cliché for a good reason – its true. Just look at people who spend a lot of time surrounding by trees, mountains, by green, living things. In fact, do it yourself – go spend a week, with at least two hours per day, surrounded by something green and lush. You’ll notice just how better you feel.

Well, the same goes for gardening. Working every day, understand the cycle of life, having your hands touch soil and seed, earth and water, on a regular basis – you will see a change in your mood quickly. Indeed, you connect yourself to nature by helping it grow. No matter if you plant food or flowers, herbs or medicine, you contribute to the world becoming just a bit more green.

Improves your sense of responsibility

Gardening has an odd, but interesting benefit. Namely, a big part of a human’s wellbeing is the feeling of having purpose and responsibility. Having your own garden means you still have living things you need to take care of. It also means you need to create a schedule, a system of habits that will help you keep all of these alive. This is something you invested time, effort, and love into, and it’s up to you to have your garden survive and thrive. At the end of the day, you can sit back and bask in what you created. Just imagine, a nice, lush garden, the wonderful sun and a cool breeze, you on some fancy chairs, under a retractable pergola, with something cold and refreshing in your hands, enjoying the view.

Grounds you in the hear and now

There is a meditative aspect of gardening. It sounds you (see what we did there?) into the here and knows. You focus on your work, on planting seeds, on watering the plants, on removing weeds. The act of tilling the soil has a natural rhythm to it that can get you out of your head, and into your body. The work is not particularly difficult (though of course, this depends on the size of the garden). This means you can do it for hours, and keep that zen flow going indefinitely.

Great for your physical health

Finally, it’s not just about how it affects your mental state directly, but indirectly. After all, a healthy body means a healthy mind. Sure, mediation is great and all, but getting your hands dirty, your skin in the sun, and your hands in the dirt can improve your health as well. You can get some physical exercise from gardening, improving your health greatly. Namely, it’s much better than to sit inside in front of a computer or the TV, is it not?


Gardening is a hobby that can improve your mind and body greatly. It will boost your wellbeing both through the physical aspects, like sunlight and physical activity, but also through the mental elements, like the rhythmic, peaceful nature of the work. You will create and nurture something, you will help it grow and develop, creating new life, bringing something green into the world.


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