Why We Need To Honor The Divine Masculine…

Why We Need To Honor The Divine Masculine

It’s time we honor each unique individual regardless of gender, creed, race, and background. I have the great honor and blessing of working with people from all backgrounds, races, religions and walks of life. Over the last 18 years, there have been waves of change in the issues people are breaking through.

For too long clients would seek advice on attaining material things like money, job, and status. Men wanted success, women wanted a relationship status and financial support. The last 5 years there has been a shift in what people are seeking. People are wanting depth, meaning, and connection now. Men want to be seen, to be validated. Women want knowledge and understanding. Everyone wants to be loved.

There is still a gap in the understanding of how to create deep connections and a healthy relationship. Entering a relationship from a place of need and what you get, creates struggle. However, when you enter a relationship from a place of what you can give, you will be fulfilled. For years, a big focus within the spiritual communities has been on honoring the Divine Feminine and awakening it. Humanity is ready to honor and awaken the Divine Masculine. While the Divine Masculine is outwardly focused, the traits include inner power, strength, resilience, and action. Since we are both feminine and masculine, we must balance both Divine natures no matter our gender.

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What Men Need

Men want and need to express themselves, their emotions. It is only through the heart that the power of a man can be expressed divinely. Men protect, defend, provide and most importantly guide their families. We need to honor their emotions and needs as much as we honor women’s. If we hope to create a new foundation for humanity, for our children and their children, we must create and hold a sacred space for the Divine Masculine. As children, both boys and girls cry, get angry, and get sad. As we grow older, society taught that boys shouldn’t cry or self-express. Shutting down the ability to feel and express emotions in men has done us no favors.

We complain about the abuse of power, and yet we don’t allow men to feel or express the weight of their emotions. We ask what they think, focusing on their actions without asking how they feel. We demand they be strong, responsible and accountable but we don’t understand their burdens. Beyond societal rules, gender roles and faulty beliefs lies the power to find balance in both Divine Masculine and Feminine. We will reach that balance when we allow each unique individual to self-express. Women want men who are gentle, thoughtful and caring. If we expect that from men, we need to be nurturing, supportive and patient.

Men should always honor the Divine Goddess in a woman but equally, women need to honor the Divine God in men.

Union is Sacred

Choose to love every part of your partner in strength and weakness. Choose to speak words of encouragement and validate them. Choose to hold your love in the highest regard and never, ever lose that focus. Listen intently to words, the feelings, the cries of their heart. Be the one who sees them and create a safe, sacred space for their true nature to emerge. Balance in both Divine Feminine and Masculine will be achieved when we move beyond fear, beyond judgment, and beyond need.

We will change the world when we embrace each other’s emotions no matter how messy. I encourage and invite you to stand in unconditional love, Divine truth, and real power. Let’s teach our children how to cry, how to speak with true emotions and how to love unconditionally. We are both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine seeking balance and harmony. Let us express our Divinity by allowing wholeness to replace brokenness.


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