Mountains Of The Gods: Why High Places Clear The Mind…

Mountains Of The Gods: Why High Places Clear The Mind


There’s a reason why many of the world’s greatest Buddhist temples are located high up in the Himalayan mountain range. As many of us who are rock climbers, hikers, and skiers know, gaining elevation is a spiritual experience. Taking ourselves out of the valleys and into crisp alpine air has an effect that both stimulates the senses and calms the mind. Here are the secrets behind achieving this Zen-like state in the mountains.

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Expose Yourself to Vistas

One of the great things about being in the mountains and one of the sources of alpine inspiration is the views that come with high places. When you’re up in the mountains, it almost seems like you can see the whole world below you. This helps to put our everyday lives in perspective; by seeing how small our daily concerns really are, we can let go of them and find peace in the mountains.

Get Your Blood Pumping

Hiking to high places is always going to be a great workout. By doing regular cardio like hiking you can actually lower your resting heart rate. This will help you achieve the sense of bodily relaxation that you’re looking for in your meditations.

Find Activities that You Love

Not only is it amazing to simply be in the mountains, but there are also tons of great things to do amongst them. If you enjoy challenging yourself and putting your body to the test, you can try rock climbing on exposed cliff faces in the mountains. Hiking will help you clear your mind and find peace away from the noise of daily life.

Skiing in places like Japan or Europe or in the epic mountains of California will let you experience a different way of moving, gliding along fresh powder without a care in the world. By connecting with the mountains through healthy, freeing activities, we can clear our minds and find happiness in high places.

Meet Like-Minded People

There aren’t many people in the mountains. Sometimes this is a good thing if we’re seeking space to clear our minds of relationship worries, but it can also be nice to find people who share your love of nature and interest in being active with your body. The mountains may be sparse when it comes to people, but everyone who is there has a purpose. Everyone that you meet in the mountains is there because they love being in high places.

Touch the Clouds

There are few places like the mountains when it comes to connecting with nature. Nothing else lets you get close enough to touch the clouds, but that’s not the only way that mountains bring us closer to the natural world. You have to remember that mountains aren’t just stagnant pieces of rock. They are always changing thanks to geologic activity and the slow weathering that creates sharp peaks. When you walk in the mountains you are walking among the product of powerful forces of nature.

Wildlife in the mountains is also unlike anything in the valleys. Mountain ranges are full of exotic wildflowers and bird life. As you go higher, the ecosystem around you will change along with the changing density of air. Admire this change and witness the variety of nature around you. Mountains are wondrous places that are perfect for clearing your mind. Find a high place near you to watch the world unfold below.


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