4 Clear Signs You’re Underestimating Yourself…

4 Clear Signs You’re Underestimating Yourself

The biggest problem with underestimating yourself is that you don’t realize how great you can or will be. Hence, none of us must underestimate ourselves or even others as it acts as a smokescreen to know what you or they are actually capable of. On the contrary, if you believe in yourself and set your mind to achieving a particular goal, you would definitely accomplish it sooner or later. We know that there might be some things that may not be achievable but that should not stop you from trying. People underestimate themselves for a number of reasons.

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Signs You’re Underestimating Yourself

We underestimate ourselves because it is easy. It is actually comfortable and a lot easier to believe that you are useless instead of telling yourself that you’re incredible. You may find this amusing, but this is the truth. To honestly stand by yourself takes courage, hard work and confidence. It’s like going against the flow of the stream is more difficult than going with it.

However, to realize if you are underestimating yourself is a challenge too. But, there are ways that can help you identify that you are underestimating yourself. Some of these signs are:

1) You Don’t Have A Daily Practice Of Any Kind

Practice makes you perfect. In fact, practice is one of the key factors for tapping into your power and strength. Hence, if you do not follow a daily practice routine that gets you in sync with your mind and body, you are not on the right path. Not only this but an improper schedule also does not let you align yourself with your intentions and fulfill them. Moreover, this does not imply that you need to go through strenuous workouts. You can go forth with simple techniques like reading, prayer, gratitude, and meditation. In simple words, anything that makes you feel good and focused can be incorporated into your daily schedule.

2) You Constantly Compare Yourself To Others

This aspect leads to the downfall of most people. Moreover, the comparison trend has taken a rapid rise with the advent of social media. This is because every day you see hundreds of other people sharing their lives on a social media handle which makes you compare your life with theirs. What’s worse is that it becomes a constant cycle. However, this is exactly what you need to stop doing. The best mantra to avoid this is focusing on your story. We all are unique and have our different stories. And comparing different things makes no sense. So, don’t compare yourself to anyone.

3) You Over-prioritize The Opinions Of Others

Many people stop living the way they want to live in a bid to please others around them. The other people include friends, family, colleagues and even your clients. This is a major problem for people who have had their freedom of expression curbed in the initial stages of their life. This leads to self-abandonment of your own opinions and expectations. And, this is extremely dangerous. Hence, be safe and try to form your own personal opinion and voice them out. Think for yourself and start putting your needs on the top. Remember, the only person that lives and knows everything about you is you. Hence, be happy and live the life you always wanted to.

4) You Stop Self-Care

Being selfless is a great virtue. However, the problem that arises with some people is that they care too much about the others and stop caring about themselves at all. This does not mean that we are telling you to be selfish but this simply means to respect yourself and do at least a few things for your welfare as well in the whole day. Respect and being nice to yourself are the first steps for self-care. Keeping a check on your health through digital detox and exercising is a necessity. If you start caring for yourself, others around you will take care of you automatically.

Believe in Yourself

The four signs mentioned above are the most common symptoms of people who underestimate themselves. Other symptoms include bad company, lack of appetite and improper food habits. If you come across any of these symptoms, don’t be worried as the answer to all these problems is very simple. And, it is to believe in yourself.

So, gather your courage, energy, and the will to understand yourself and give yourself the chance to go against the flow and shine. Remember, problems, difficulties, bad situations, and limitations are all part and parcel of life. They will come and go, but it’s you who is the only constant. If you face issues to focus and still feel stressed out by the same thoughts now and again, you can also go for organic high-quality CBD oils that make you feel more relaxed and help you to enhance mentally. Hence, be aware and don’t underestimate yourself.


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