Give Yourself Permission To Be Great…

Give Yourself Permission To Be Great

Trust requires that we listen to our inner wisdom. Trust takes faith in the life process. Trust means we commit to living fully in the present.

Sometimes we have this illusion that we have control over all events around us, fearing that if we let go we may fall, or face discomfort we spend most of our time trying to minimize. Difficulties are not there to show us how hard life is, but how strongly we have been made. I’m not advocating that we shouldn’t do any planning and preparation. However, overthinking can often be more harmful than going in with a half-rehearsed plan but our eyes fully open.

What is needed, rather than running away or controlling or suppressing or any other resistance is to understand fear. Fear gives us the opportunity to watch it, learn about it and come directly into contact with it. We are to learn about fear. Not how to escape from it. Two months ago, I made a bold, rash or risky decision, depending on the viewpoint. I had a very good job in Central London, I got on with my colleagues and felt valued. I lived in a city that people over the world know and dream of visiting and I had a solid friendship circle. I was, however, getting increasingly discontent and I knew that this was not the journey my heart desired. I left my job, left the city, left my friends and left all my security. I have always wanted to travel, develop my own ideas and be dependent on myself. I craved greater challenges, more accelerated growth and to face my fears head on to get to my dreams. It feels so right, and although the fear is there, the faith in my path to keep moving forward is unbridled. The path is there for us, we know what we would do in our idyllic world, by following it our world can become idyllic.

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It’s the Small Things that Matter

It’s not enough for us however to have a dream or vision. Although that is an important cog in the process, it is just one of the cogs. We have to take action, and it is much easier to get started and keep going if we take a series of baby steps.

  • Whether we have a creative project in mind, or want to make major changes in our lives, we can simply break our goals down into small action steps, and then take one each day.
  • We have to be sure to congratulate ourselves with every step, for moving closer towards our dream. Small daily actions can allow us to sneak under the radar of our resistance to change and stretch the comfort zone in a manageable way.
  • Take credit for our failures, since it’s so common for us to brush aside or forget our failures the anxiety and paralysis can come when we are worried about making the perfect choice.

Our journey will not be a smooth one. But this thought exists not to deter us, but to help us. We build skills, learn lessons and grow in strength with every rough road we wander through. We are presented with our paths to help us become the best version of ourselves we can, to establish our purpose and to discover just how beautifully persistent we are. When an obstacle is presented in following something we desire, feel or love, it is the surest sign we are going down the right path, it is not there to stop us, but teach us how we can navigate the way. If we try to make huge leaps every time we try to move towards our dreams we can be met with too much resistance and fear. This can revert us back into the center of our comfort zone and keep us there.

Let Go of Control

As human beings, we naturally want to feel like we are in control at all times. Open-minded action essentially means taking control by initiating the first action, but letting go of only one specific result and remaining open to alternative outcomes. We can increase our optimism by looking at a challenge as a temporary situation rather than a permanent one, and find some meaning and creative expression along our path. When we shift our perspective to something positive and productive, we take the attention away from the worry and stress that hinders us.

We lean into the challenge and even seek the failure at times, knowing and understanding the importance of the moment. We give ourselves permission to be great.


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