How To Get More From Your Morning Coffee…

How To Get More From Your Morning Coffee

Coffee: those magic beans that transport us from the world of mombie (mom-Zombie) or barely functioning human to that motivated individual ready to take on the world. It’s a beautiful thing and one that we often take for granted. I know that my morning coffee isn’t often savored. It’s sipped in between packing backpacks, making lunches, serving breakfasts, checking messages, and rushing to get the day started. On writing mornings, I sip it absently, paying little attention to the taste as my mind is transported to other worlds. Even on weekends, I often balance my morning coffee with the television blaring the current cartoon of choice.

Most of the time, we only ask that our morning coffee give us that necessary jolt of caffeine to start the day. Lately, I’ve been thinking we should be asking more from our daily java. What if those magic beans could really infuse a little more magic into our lives? There are a few ways to start, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this one right off the bat. If we want to get more from our morning coffee, we should probably consider our coffee itself. Where did it come from? How was it made?

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Know Your Coffee

While I’m the last person to encourage over-thinking before I’ve even had my first cup, I’ve given this some thought. I try to purchase coffee that is organic, fair trade, and local if possible. If we want to make this time meaningful, it’s important that we learn to be more conscious consumers, considering the full impact of our choices. Using a reusable mug rather than a disposable one is also a great step in the right direction toward making coffee time extra meaningful for ourselves and others. We can also try to make the ritual of brewing our coffee one that is infused with at least a momentary gratitude. While the coffee percolates or while we’re pouring that first cup, we can take the time to quietly express gratitude. It doesn’t matter if the only thing we can think to be thankful is the coffee itself. Simply the act of finding an attitude of gratitude to start the day can be incredibly powerful.

Productive Coffee Time

We can use the time that we drink our coffee to set our intentions for the day. What would we like to achieve? What would define a day well spent? We can even make sure that we’re making time for a little self-care while we’re planning out the day in order to make sure that we’re not neglecting our own well-being while we focus on our other responsibilities.

If we must multitask during our morning coffee, we can try to let it serve a higher purpose. Combine morning coffee with a TED talk or language learning app. Sip while listening to a great song or a new audiobook. Sip and scroll by choosing an article you’ve been wanting to read but haven’t had the time to check out. Color a picture while drinking, in an effort to relax and reset. Or even make this multi-tasking moment a time to connect by sending out a message of love or gratitude to someone in your life. Sometimes we have to keep moving, but we can always take 5-10 minutes to make our multitasking more meaningful than the average morning.

Another way to turn coffee time into something more is to use it as a mindful meditation. Wrap your hands around the warm mug, breathe in that scent, and savor that first taste. Be present in the moment. There are so many moments that will follow, but this moment is its own. Try to show up for it. Then, try to show up for all the ones that follow with a reminder that now is everything. Maybe morning coffee is just another part of your day, one that you don’t find particularly meaningful. But if we start asking more from these simple moments, we may just find that it’s possible to infuse that kind of attention, meaning, and mindfulness into our whole lives. If we can start with that first sip, the one that gives us the energy and courage to face the day, we might just change our whole lives. Or at least change our perspective, which – after all – is the same thing.


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