3 Ways To Get Back To The Here And Now…

3 Ways To Get Back To The Here And Now

Today is a new day, you have hundreds of new moments to make new choices. Choices that uplift you and shift you into the beauty and awareness of life and the joy of being. We are often running a mile a minute. As we are running we are dragging a bag full of yesterday and another bag called ‘tomorrow’. Each bag carrying contents that we use to make decisions about the present moment or avoid it, which makes us overlook the gifts of wisdom and insight that are being presented to us in the here and now.

So how do we see the gifts and not get clouded by yesterday and tomorrow?

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The 3 Practices

Try to apply these three practices in a way that feels authentic to you.

  1. Practicing being where you are. Go out and do a new thing or an old thing that brings you joy and leave your phone behind. Just be where you are doing what you love.
  2. When you are faced with a challenge, take a pause and notice something new in the situation that provides you with an opportunity to learn and grow. See it as it is with fresh eyes.
  3. Carve out time that you are not available by telephone, social media, and email. We give our children schedules and restrictions for screen time, let us do the same for ourselves. 7PM to 10AM the phone goes off/airplane mode/silent in another room. I know, I know, jobs, demands etc. Try it 3 times a week and notice what happens.

So what does that have to do with the here and now? We are trying to retraining ourselves to enjoy silence, the people we love, and how to just be with ourselves without feeling like there is a void that needs to be filled. Learning and allowing ourselves just to be. Take a pause. What is one gift that is with you in the here and now? Close your eyes and take a deep slow breath in, and a gentle and slow breath out. Simply say thank you and be as you are for 3 minutes.


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