When We See A Friend Hurting Themselves, Do We Tell Them?…

When We See A Friend Hurting Themselves, Do We Tell Them?

Not too long ago there was a man who was always being negative. And all his friends knew about this and tried in loving ways to guide him towards being positive. But one day, it got so bad that his negativity starting making him sick.

So what are we supposed to do?

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The Poor Me Syndrome

A middle-aged man was a nice person but he was always looking at life through the glasses of “The Poor Me Syndrome”. And thus his life had lots of ups, but a lot more downs. And all his friends knew about this and didn’t like the fact that he was being negative and he was creating all of this bad karma. They tried to be compassionate and help him to see the light in gentle ways.

Negativity Starts to Compromise His Health

But after almost 20 years, he was still being negative and now it’s affecting his health. He was worrying and becoming stressed to the max and thus his immune system was compromised. And he ended up on the hospital repeatedly with many different ailments.

If We Love Someone Do We to Tell Them the Truth?

I remember that in my 20’s, I was a very emotional person and whenever something would go wrong I would break down. That was before I learned meditation and started my inner journey of change. A good friend of mine noticed my emotional way of being and said, “You wear your emotions on your sleeve—that’s not good”. And it hit me, “You know she is right”. It was like a 2×4 hit me in the forehead, waking me up from my dream. So, I thanked my friend and started working on becoming a better person. And even now, I know for a fact, that what my friend told me was super important for my spiritual growth.

We Can React to Truth in 4 Different Ways

We can react to the truth by the following:

  • Rebuking all of it and saying that’s a bunch of bunk.
  • We can become angry,
  • We can become sad.
  • Or we can thank the person for seeing what we could not see ourselves and make a change.

Of course, it’s Important to be Loving, Kind, and Compassionate

When we see someone hurting themselves and we have tried for a long time to help this person in a compassionate way, sometimes there is no option but to tell them what’s going on. And when lots of people see the truth of what’s going on, sometimes it’s important to impart that truth to the one who is really hurting inside, because they have blinders on and can’t see the truth.

But Many Times Truth Comes With a Price

I remember a man who knew his closet friend’s wife was having an affair. And lots of people knew this, but for some reason, his friend didn’t know. So the friend knew he had to tell his close friend the truth and he also knew he might lose his friend if he says something. But he could not live with himself if he didn’t say something. So he did speak up, and his friend blew up. They did not talk for 5 years. But eventually, they did makeup and become friends again. That was a very important period of growth for both of them.

So what would you do?


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