Forget Everything And Stay True To Yourself…

Forget Everything And Stay True To Yourself

We are in a society where we are constantly being judged and informed over what to do, when to speak, and even how to live. Between life’s struggles and trying to fit into society’s standards, can anyone live a happy and free life? Can anyone stay true to themselves? When you are always being judged on your actions, living life on your terms is a major challenge. So, how can you stay true to yourself? How can you confidently say you’re good at what you’re doing? How can you live a happy and confident life?

Follow these simple steps and let go of the pattern that you have been following all these years.

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1. Keep it to yourself

Being true to yourself is often misunderstood by showing rebellious behavior and challenging society directly. Well, of course, you want to live life your way, but that doesn’t mean your path is right and others are doing it all wrong.

Keep your opinion to yourself and follow what you want to. Just like you don’t want to be controlled, don’t force others to do what you believe, it’s true. It’s just a matter of personal opinion, let it be up to others.

2. Redesign your thinking process

To stay true to yourself, you first have to change your thought process. You have been a slave of your reserved thinking and now it’s time to free from it. You don’t have to follow those patterns you’re living in. Look for better opportunities and positive aspects of life. You can change your life, you can change the world. But first, change your thoughts that resist the required changes in your life. You must develop a positive mindset!

3. Stop comparing yourself with others

Your purpose in life is not to look better and greater than anyone else. So stop trying to compete with others around you. You are putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. Whether you have that bully friend who is trying to tease you, or you want to look better and more ‘powerful’ than others, stop living to please others — stop trying to be like others.

You are unique to this world. Your purpose is different and your path is different. So, your approach to living life has to be separate, too. Live for yourself, be with yourself. Ignore those who are trying to beat you, and learn from those who are inspired and motivated in life. Stop comparing yourself to others, start focusing on your growth. Try to be different, not better than others. Because there’ll be always someone better than you.

4. Be with those who accept the way you are

It’s hard to stay true to yourself when you’re surrounded by people who are limited and reserved. Leave those who have no respect nor interest to know your story. Separate yourself from those who are trying to change you, even without knowing your uniqueness. Keep searching for those that understand you. You are in this world, for your self and for your family — not for anyone else who can’t see your uniqueness.

5. Picture your positive self-image

If you want to present yourself confidently, you should picture yourself in a positive light. You have constantly compared yourself to society’s terms. So, take a moment and explore the bright side of your personality. See what you are good at and what makes you unique.

Just like you might feel down due to your limitations, you should find reasons to feel confident. Look for those sides of your personality that no one knows except you. You are unique and good at something. List things that you feel confident about in yourself. Redesign your personality and self-image, and that will help you to uncover your true potential.

6. Start accepting your limitations

Yes, you are not perfect and it’s absolutely fine. You are not born to do everything perfectly. Accept your limitations and things you can not do. This is the most crucial stage of being true to yourself because people often hide their flaws or they don’t feel confident enough to say anything about them. But your goal should be to express yourself the way you are, confidently. When you accept your limitations, you most likely feel relaxed and positive afterward. Because the more you hide something from others, the more you feel lower about yourself. So, speak up and accept that you are not perfect.

Final thoughts

Promise yourself not to live a fake life anymore. Promise yourself to live life on your terms. You are not born to be perfect. And to make an impact in the world, you don’t have to be perfect either. So stop relying on the thoughts of what ‘you’re supposed to be’ and never try to cheat yourself. You can cheat others by presenting yourself better or saying false things. But, you can never fool yourself, by any means. Because overall, it’s you who knows yourself better than anyone else. So if you want to live an easy and positive life, then take a stand and present yourself confidently.

After all, you are here for your own sake, and not for others.


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