7 Steps To Overcome Your Shortcomings…

7 Steps To Overcome Your Shortcomings

Do you have shortcomings? Are you interested to work on areas you could improve on as a person? Where should you start? And what can you do? Below are 7 ways to work on your weakest areas, whether it is being overly sensitive, too frustrated, too argumentative, just too lazy, or something else:

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1. Think of 2 or 3 aspects of yourself that you want to work on.

Perhaps by writing down your thoughts or having a conversation with a friend or loved one, you can start to jot down areas you would like to improve upon. Consider traits or habits that you might not be satisfied with or that you feel are keeping you from success. Write these down somewhere.

2. Begin to suggest how or why you developed the unsatisfying traits or habits.

It might be simply that you’ve always been this way, or it might be because you recently lost a loved one or encountered a tough circumstance. Beginning to frame the reasons for unsatisfying traits or habits will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and help you envision a direction for change.

3. Remind yourself that there’s room for improvement while accepting that you face a difficulty.

Let’s say you are too critical of others, and that dampens your relationships. In order to work on this less satisfying trait, it is a good idea to tell yourself you can tweak your trait, while accepting that it might be hard for you.

4. Brainstorm ways to work on each shortcoming.

Let’s stick with being overly critical. You can begin to be less critical of others by brainstorming ways to develop more openness and understanding. Jot these down and try to make them fun and creative. Remember to keep with your vision of change, as mentioned in step two.

5. Repeat steps or ways to replace the old trait or habit.

When you set out to change a shortcoming, you’ll likely face difficulty. Repeating the steps or ways you’ve thought of can help you build courage to work on your shortcomings. Soon, with training, you can begin to feel the old habits sliding away and your use of the newly desired trait settling in. It might take more effort to be less critical, for example, but over time and with practice it should be easier.

6. Be easy on yourself.

We all deserve more self-love. It can be easy to get caught up in dissatisfaction, and even frustration, with aspects you don’t find fulfilling about yourself. As Oprah said, however, “Nobody’s journey is seamless or smooth. We all stumble. We all have setbacks. It’s just life’s way of saying, time to change course.” Remembering that each person’s journey is difficult for them should give you the strength and perspective to promote self-compassion during your own journey.

7. Try to focus and harness your own strengths while working on your shortcomings.

Instead of concerning yourself with the success or strengths of others, focus instead and build on your own strengths in your spare time. Harness the power of what makes you feel good, what lets you shine. This will make your shortcomings feel more trivial, perhaps even more trivial than by actively working on them alone. While harnessing your own peak talents and traits, and while working to change your shortcomings, you can hopefully gain peak satisfaction.

Remember, it may be that times of change and uncertainty could be highlighting a shortcoming of yours and causing temporary stress and dissatisfaction, which is completely normal. You might just need to ‘change course.’ If you are able to work on your shortcomings instead of feeling cornered by them, while harnessing your strengths, you will likely feel more inspired and satisfied. Try these tips and hopefully soon you find and harness your power to feel great and help others!


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