Why You Must Learn To Flow Like The River To Flourish In Life…

Why You Must Learn To Flow Like The River To Flourish In Life

“Be still like a mountain, and flow like a great river” -Lao Tzu

There is a river in each of us that knows no boundaries. The image of water provides an outward reflection of our inner self.  Like the surging power of a rapidly flowing river, life can be unpredictable without knowing where it may lead. However, we have the innate capacity to navigate change with grace and ease. This requires faith and trust in ourselves and knowing that we are on the right path for forwarding movement.

The sustainer of life, water is a gift of nature and nourishes our entire being. Associated with qualities of ever-changing emotions, feelings, and intuition, going inward, we can connect to our true selves and embrace change. Marked by ancient and traditional ceremonies around the world and integrated with other forms of healing, meditations, and blessings, our sacred connection to water nurtures our collective spirit. Water initiation rituals support our life’s journey by surrendering to what we do not know and taking us just where we need to be.

During the time spent in the Himalayas, immersed in nature and surrounded by breathtaking views, majestic mountains, pristine rivers, and waterfalls, my mind, body, and soul were refreshed. Keenly observing the rivers flowing downstream, gently washing over obstacles, and meandering around rocks embedded in the stream, nothing stopped the natural flow. Taking time for journaling and self-reflection, I became one with the river and felt a profound sense of serenity.

When we are out of the flow of life, we feel dammed up, stagnant, and out of balance resulting in stress and anxiety. When we are in sync, like the flow of the river, we trust our decisions and know that we are divinely guided. Water consciousness has a deep symbolic meaning that shows us the dynamic fluidity of nature moving through cycles, rhythms, and patterns representing change and transformation. Synonymous with our own life experiences through turbulent times, we may feel vulnerable, out of control, and have difficulty navigating change. Wherever life takes us, we must be assured that wherever we are on our path is just where we need to be for growth and expansion.

The spiritual essence and significance of water represents purification, energetic cleansing, and balance. Flow like the river and be open to life. Connect with the sacred flow of the river to be healthier, happier, and more creative. Flourish like the river to achieve clarity, patience, freedom, goodness, and endurance as you move forward on your path to achieve the life you desire.

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“If you let cloudy water settle it will become clear. If you let your upset mind settle, your course will become clear” -Buddha

Water has a natural cleansing effect that refreshes our mind, body, and soul. A film of negative thoughts and emotions clouds our view, inhibiting the capacity to see with fresh eyes. Whenever you feel negative emotions, visualize a beautiful waterfall and set your intention to disengage and neutralize these emotions. Imagine the cool, cleansing, and healing capacity for inspiration, clarity, and insight. Feel negative emotions dissipate and appreciate the healing power of water.


“Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?” -Lao Tzu

The river constantly flows on its path. Be calm and give yourself time. Do not hurry or rush and release yourself from the sense of urgency. Know that all is in perfect divine order and wait patiently for guidance. Gently take the next steady step for growth. Know that you can change your outlook no matter what circumstances abound. Be assured that you are in the right place to grow.


“If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down” -Buddha

Think about what freedom really means to you and your willingness to act without constraints. Be free like the flowing river. Release what no longer serves you and bestow blessings for peace and harmony. Water gives us a sense of freedom and endless flow. Trust divine guidance and move beyond self-imposed boundaries. Choose from your heart and live your life doing what you wholeheartedly desire.


“A person who lacks goodness cannot endure adversity or enjoy happiness for long. A person who possesses goodness finds contentment in it; a wise person profits from it” -Confucius

It is important to see good in every situation. Make the most out of each step of life and find contentment. Goodness is a guiding principle for right action without reliance on the thinking mind. It helps us find meaning in all situations and joy in the simplicity of life. Like the river, no matter what we experience, stay on course and successfully navigate the winds of change.


“Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes”- Buddha

Natural rivers have high levels of resilience and continue moving downstream. Cultivate resilience and maintain a positive perspective. Harness your power for self-awareness and maintain a healthy balance to manage life situations. Endure through unpleasant and difficult conditions with resilience.  Capitalize on life lessons and bounce back to stay on track. Believe in yourself and take time for self-care. Know that you have the power to manage adverse conditions and build on learning experiences. Acknowledge and appreciate yourself.  Like the river, continue to persist and follow your path for growth and self-renewal.


Water symbolizes wisdom, power, and grace, and its healing power refreshes our well-being.  The river shows us the way and is a metaphor for life. See your inner reflection and be one with the river. Through the toils of life, continue to adapt, learn, and flow. Go inward in search of your true self and know that the river of life is within you. Through water visualization, we can invoke a state of serenity and relaxation. Transcend the outer world and earthly conditions by building your inner strength. Flow like the river to live a stress-free life.


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