3 Ways To Find Your Zen During Lock Down…

3 Ways To Find Your Zen During Lock Down

It can be hard to feel centered and grounded in everyday life. Chores, work, family, obligations tend to occupy our minds and make every day living diverse and packed. Now move that all into times of uncertainty, like living with a mass pandemic around you threatening the well being of you and your loved ones. With this additional stress its no wonder we feel lost, disbanded, and unbalanced.

We are all coping with it differently – some of us find ourselves spending too much time in our heads. Others are spending a lot of time with free online yoga classes or watching online television, escaping and trying to take our minds off of our current situation. What we are all trying to do find some inner peace and confidence within ourselves. Here are a few tips on how to do it:

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Start a journal

Perhaps a cliche, but really a good way to get in touch with your feelings and list out your thoughts. It doesn’t have to be long and you don’t have to write every day. It’s your journal, you decide how to run it. Write that you are uncertain, list what worked today and what didn’t. You never have to read it again. Heck, you can burn or throw away the paper once you are done. The goal is just to be in sync with what’s going on inside of you and to let it out, metaphorically and literally.

If you are lost for what to write or how to start writing, perhaps start with what was one good thing about today, and one thing you worry about. Just that. You are not writing for anyone else but yourself. It’s not a competition for the Nobel prize, but a way to be your own friend.


You’ve heard it before and perhaps you are doing it already, but you can never meditate enough. That’s why some monks do it for many hours over many consecutive days. It seems like an impossible task (trust me I write a lot on the hurdles of meditation) and also, really frankly a little unnatural. Keeping your mind still seems so illogical.

I do suggest you start small. Just a two-minute meditation, while you walk or cook or even brush your teeth, is a great way to meditate for people that are struggling to figure out a way to fit it into their day. You can find one I host every week on my youtube channel. It’s nothing crazy and I promise it’s not hard. It’s an easy new skill you can learn in no time, everyone’s a natural, trust me.

Create ‘me’ time

It may sound contradictory, especially if you are in lockdown by yourself. But it’s still important you carve out some time to be with yourself. To rest, fill up your energy levels and give yourself some love. Make a conscious decision to dedicate some time to pamper yourself. Even if you find yourself in lockdown with someone else and even if it’s short, a glass of wine, a nice bath, or a face mask. Tell yourself this is what you are doing for you.

It’s like telling a friend you are here for them. You are signaling to yourself you are here, present and you care about yourself. Even during these times, we tend to make sure we function first. Are we doing our job? Do we have clean clothes, is there enough food? We focus on function rather than existing. It’s not to function that means to live, it’s existing.

You can still live your best life even in these times.


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