3 Ways To Find Your Grounding In Life…

3 Ways To Find Your Grounding In Life

I was going through a period of information overwhelm, negative energy drains and a confidence block. It had been a dry spell for me in my newly formed business, I didn’t love being at my job and I quickly began to spiral down the rabbit hole of depression.

I knew what this felt like because it wasn’t the first time. In fact, the same thing happened in 2012; the only difference was that this time I knew that support was available, and I needed it! So I did by enrolling in a program with a master life coach whom I admired. I admired her values, her content and especially her advocacy for slowing down in life.

We’re bombarded every single day with news, media, business tasks, to do list, lifestyle habits it takes a toll on our overall well-being. And if you’re not strong-minded it could break you. So how do you ensure that you maintain your confidence and grounding especially in this fast-paced modern age?

1. Know what’s important to you and own that.

We hear it all the time. What do you value? What do you want? However; the response is usually vague because we tend to seek outside of ourselves to this simple yet powerful question. We grade ourselves, our abilities and our lifestyles based on what the mass “social media” is portraying. What if instead we sat with ourselves, became more observant, became more in tuned? To be more graceful with ourselves and to love ourselves for who we simply are; and what makes us just that? I’m currently reading the book “Bonjour Happiness – by Jamie Cat Callan” and she explains that we get so caught up, we neglect the old fashioned way to finding happiness in our “now”. It’s quite true indeed.

2. Perform a lifestyle cleanse.

It sounds ridiculous, but when you acknowledge your true values and desires, you become more observant of all the “toxicity” in your life. The toxic people we engage, the toxic places we love hanging out, the toxic habits we perpetuate and the unnecessary stuff we tolerate with excuses. The truth is decluttering our lives eventually declutters our emotions and souls. So, when was the last time you told yourself that you would let go of something, someone or someplace, only to find a “reasonable excuse” to keep holding on. If we are to be true to ourselves and our purpose, we need to learn the art of letting go in order to receive the good.

3. Maintain the balance

This is usually where the tricky part comes. Maintaining the peace within ourselves and the outside world; but again when we sign a non-negotiable contract with ourselves to find our grounding, our happiness, it magically fits into our core from practicing the habit of mindfulness. We, embrace simply because we are it. For example, I no longer put on a motivational post every single morning, but instead turn up the jazzy café playlist on YouTube. And even though you may “scratch that” will be judged for your lifestyle change which no longer matches the expected norm of the outside world, you have to remember what truly matters; your balance and when you find it embrace it.

So, do you feel like you’re separated from what truly matters to you? And how can you begin to regain your confidence and grounding in being your truest self?


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Menellia Valcent

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